The story continuation

If you reached this page, youre probably wondering what has happened since the events in Albion Prelude. I wont start from the very begining, because I have already written that on my X3AP site here. So rather than re-cap, this will be a continuation of the story.

Events during Albion Prelude

Maybe you been there, and got the t-shirt? maybe not? well in any case when you started Albion Prelude, Saya kho blew up the large station orbiting Earth, called the Earth Torus. In Albion Prelude we wasnt told really the real reason why she did it.

However.. we now know she feared for the safely of her beloved Argon Prime, as the war between the Argons and Terrans had been escalating. So with her husband's support, they desived a plan to strike back at the Terrans. They knew both of them would be killed the process, but without taking matters into thier own hands the Argons would lose control of the conflict. Saya kho knew it was a drastic plan, but tough times can often quite drastic measures. So she set off the explosion, and destroyed Earth Torus.

Saya kho destroying the Earth Torus

Jump-gates failure

A little time passed, and for no reason what so ever all the jump-gates failed. This immediately isolated every single sector. All the effort put into building alliances with the Borons, Split, Paranid and Teladi was wiped out in a few seconds. Sectors which once were just a few hops away, were billions of km's away. The universe shurnk over-night, stranding people across the universe - unable to reach thier homes and families. The ablity to get to anywhere in a quick hop was gone just like that.

16 years passed, and a series of message drones (sent from Paranid Prime), reached Kingdom's End and Argon Prime. This would provide some comunication between the races, however travel would never be the same again.

The continuation

After the events above, we come-into the story, playing the role of Ren Otani. A pilot who has found the Albion Skunk adrift. Ren is in the process of repairing the Albion Skunk, has many of the key systems are not working. The Skunk was in a large battle many years ago, and took a large beating. Since the gates failed, the Skunk is a valuable ship.

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