Yisha Tarren

Yishasame Tarren (her full-name) is a engineering technician who works for Heart of Albion. Her job often leads to her doing safety checks on stations/ships etc.. however she can also pilot ships.

Yisha has very good knowledge of Albion System, knowing them like the back-of-her-hand. She knows the Captain Falk Borman well, as a good friend. She has a great respect for him, knowing him for many years.

When you first meet her, she is fleeing from some Plutarch Mining Corporation ships. This is when Ren Otani meets her, by offering aid to her. In-return Yisha helps Ren with his ship, performing checks and repairs.

Yisha often stays onboard the Albion Skunk and maintains ship - looking out for any dangers nearby, when Ren is out-n-about.

Yisha is a Argon female, aged 27, who can be a little sarcastic at times.

We do not know much about her parents, or history at this stage.

Yisha Tarren
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