Ship vote changed for X2, X3 and X3TC sites

Sunday 21st August, 2011 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Ive been looking at the ship review/vote system and thinking how I could make the fields more useful: ie. trade useless isnt really helpful, as trading simply needs a big cargo bay and a fast engine.

So now the system has some completely new fields such as: Usefulness, Anti-Fighter and Anti-Capital. This means you can now rank an M2 say based on Anti-fighter and Anti-capital strengths. As this is 2 primary roles that I feel are important for fighter ships. The usefulness field kind-of gives a general overview of the ship: ie. A ship may have good anti-fighter support, but if it lacks somewhere else, it may make it useless.. ie how well does it fit into your fleet.

The system as also a new addition: Like or dislike. This feature is a bit like the Facebook button, allowing you to like or dislike a ship. This will give some biases to the votes - just because a ship is good at anti-fighter and is somewhat useful, you may dislike the ship for another reason.

Due to the amount of changes, I had to reset the voting. So get voting!

ps. There is also 2 new details on the X3TC ship stat pages: Boardable and Purchasable. Oh, and the shield information has moved from bottom to just above hull info.


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