Your thoughts on X-Rebirth.. poll style

Saturday 16th November, 2013 Comments 20 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Hopefully by now you had a couple of hours to play X-Rebirth. So I'm thinking about opening a poll to see what you all think about it? A game which was in development for a whole 7 years. I thought maybe here we might see some friendly voting.

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SeanWarrenSmith avatar
SeanWarrenSmith  •  3 years ago
Will I think this has a great evolving story. If you play the games from the start. X BTF, X Tension, X2 The Threat, X3 Reunion, X Albion Prelude and now X Rebirth. You will be able to understand the games and how to do stuff. Rebirth is very well balanced. I have only played the game for 1 hour. So far so good. If you got your game through Steam the next day I received a update. At least Egosoft are on top of the problems. Unlike some games. I give it a 8/10
Zipmeister avatar
Zipmeister  •  3 years ago
I originally came to the X series after seeing a reference to X3TC on the Darkstar One Steam Forum. I looked on the TC Steam forum and saw a complaint. It was too complicated. Hard to do anything...

The post was followed by several "Fanboys" describing how you could "Do anything" and describing the expansive realm of possibility available in the game.

After reading for a couple hours, some of the (mis)adventures of Squiddy McSquid posted by Nuklear-Slug on the Egosoft forum from an enclosed link, I was interested.

I was lost the first time I played. The second time I kinda figured out how to fly and realized I was flying a terrible piece of crap. All those big ships flying around were attainable. I just had to work for them. I was hooked.

With the trailers coming out of X Rebirth during development, I remember checking the forums and finding out there would be 1 player ship. I was devastated.
After some thought, I figured I would reserve judgement and see how things panned out at release.

I went back to the forum at a later date and saw a thread to the effect of "What do you fear most about Rebirth?" I didn't post, but after a couple days thought, I concluded that In the end, what i feared most was Egosoft making a game i didn't want to play.

I didn't end up preordering, or buying Rebirth.

Perhaps someone will make a mod for X3AP for all those who preordered Rebirth.

When you dock at a station, you hear that all too familiar line with a twist.

"Egosoft would like to thank you for buying their product... SUCKER!!!"
ThornandSpec avatar
ThornandSpec  •  3 years ago
@greyuniverse, thanks for answering, looks like I won't be buying it any time soon, my whole reason for loving the X series like I did was because you could use virtually any vehicle or structure in game. They turned the X series into something it isn't it would seem. what a shame. I'll give it a year to see if any serious improvements are made and rethink buying it.
DarthWayner avatar
DarthWayner  •  3 years ago
Punish Egosoft's dis-loyalty with dis-loyalty! Dont buy this game!
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
@NLS any-chance you could email a pic of whats happening, i just tried the same thing and it seem to be okay.
ThornandSpec avatar
ThornandSpec  •  3 years ago
Judging from what everyone has been saying I would assume I made a good choice in waiting to buy, and now I'll likely wait, say, a year or so? I duno, for that kind of time I'll just put more into Star Citizen.

Really quick though, can you use 99% of ships (as in you, your character) found in game or are you confined to a select few ships?
greyuniverse avatar
greyuniverse  •  3 years ago
Hi ThornandSpec, you are confined to a single ship – Albion Skunk…
All other ships must be controlled by much slower and less intuitive controls than in any of the previous x games.
Personally I have no motivation to play if I cannot control the ships myself, and why shall anyone that owns a destroyer ship be always “living” in a small ship? Makes no sense to me.

greyuniverse avatar
greyuniverse  •  3 years ago
Just trying to discuss the major problems with X rebirth.

In my point of view they are:

- Direct control of a single ship (Albion Skunk).
- Slow, non-intuitive and insufficient controls available to give to your other ships.
- Impossible to control cameras, now you can just move the ship to look around (to me that’s a big one).
- No SETA, meaning that some missions will be very very very boring now.
- A unpleasant map, incomparably worse than in any of the previous games.
- Need to dock in stations all the time to look for someone that sells some object/service.
- Missions are now MUCH harder to find.
- Playing this game with keyboard and mouse it’s making me crazy.
- I don’t know if it’s a bug but when my ships get attacked I don’t receive any warning…
- Terrible optimization, around 28 to 57 fps, (average 40).
- No NVidia profile for this game yet (as result obviously no SLI support),(I do not know if AMD cards support this game any better).
- A legion of bugs.

What do you all think?

I would have preferred an expansion for X3 Albion Prelude LOL.
Xeromancer avatar
Xeromancer  •  3 years ago
Even for someone who has played all the previous X games it is not easy to start - getting blown up by drones at the first intro suggests I've missed something! A guide to begin would be great.
Xeromancer avatar
Xeromancer  •  3 years ago
Initially disappointed with the gameplay - but too early to tell really.
Seygantte avatar
Seygantte  •  3 years ago
I've not played it myself, but I watched the opening LP from Scott Manley. As a stand alone space game, I guess it looks ok, but when it's compared to the previous games, all that I can see it has in common so far is the name. Disappointing.
DarthWayner avatar
DarthWayner  •  3 years ago
I haven't bought or played it so I can't judge, but from the glaring issues I've read in the reviews, the dumbing down aspect has me the most upset. I knew 8 months ago after reading that they've sculpted the game around using the gam pad that I wouldn't be buying it. Unintentionally poor gameplay design and performance issues are one thing, the intentional selling- out of their existing fan base to the console kids is something else entirely.
bachneri avatar
bachneri  •  3 years ago
Honestly, i have not had any problems with controls/kb+mouse but there is tons of bugs, literally. Crew members disappear from ship. Shipyard stuck building my ship at 0%, quests won't finish if you don't follow them 100% ex: if u missed a landing on a bigger ship, and had to go after them "by foot" well, the quest npc is stuck repeating same line over and over. I could go on like forever with what is NOT working Smile
Not to mention the dumps one gets from this game. It crashes when you quit, load, just target a ship and so on...
Building stations is lot less fun compared to x3-ap or the predecessors. Crew members should be the replacement for going through all the menus, well they just added a face to the menus, that's all.
I am stuck with my plot, can't do nothing to fix it. So yeah all in all, it's a lovely game...
Gizmotist avatar
Gizmotist  •  3 years ago
This game has the potential to be an amazing game. Only if they do fix all the issues. It is still quite buggy, lots of memory leaks and performance issues as well
NLS avatar
NLS  •  3 years ago
The game is UTTER CR*P! I am not even saying about bugs. Bugs will "eventually" (some more than a year later) get fixed. We are talking about a game under development SUPPOSEDLY SEVEN YEARS! And comes out NOT in beta state, but in alpha state!
My main concern... I talking about design choices. I DO NOT CARE if "mod community" fixes some of them.
Stations? Tiny and same. Boxes that open and don't close.
Low resolution textures EVEN ON YOUR OWN SHIP areas??? HOW DIFFICULT WAS THAT?
WTF is wrong with NPC? I have seen WAY WAY WAAAAAY more successful NPC design (animation, textures) in 10 years old games.
Even that NPC partner whathername... Same 20 years old texture and rag-doll design.
Lip syncing that speaks (probably) German even in English (!!!).
Most NPCs are like robots. Stay same place for ever and look like old ladies.
This game IS AN INSULT to the fan base and the 60 (SIXTY!?) euros it costs.
I wonder. All those (few actually) supporters... Please tell me what of the above is wrong.
Unbelievable. It like the game is cr*ppy on purpose! Like saying "yeah we could do that to you and so we did".
I was actually a bit lucky. A friend bought the game before me. He barely talks to me now, as I told him about X-Rebirth and he expected way way more.
Since this is not just a matter of (a million) bugs, but actually BAD GAME (except if you want a space screensaver), I don't buying this game ever. Luckily there are at least two more big space titles in the next few months. X-Rebirth = CR*P.

NLS avatar
NLS  •  3 years ago
BTW I tried to edit my comment below, that actually trashed the character counting routine. Was reporting whatever (even when I shortened the comment to be smaller than my original!) and not allowed me to save the edit.

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greyuniverse  •  3 years ago
I´ve been playing the X games for many years, and they all have been really GREAT MASTERPIECES, but x rebirth is a complete crap (and I´m not speaking about the bugs). I will go back to the glorious Albion Prelude.
BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  3 years ago
Pat, I would like to buy a vowel please...
Umbru avatar
Umbru  •  3 years ago
It could defiantly be better but so far most of the things that bother me are minor. It probably needed about another year in the oven but I have a feeling feature creep could have easily kept it in a state of permanent development so maybe it is better to have it out in the wild were the public can pick it apart and Ego can start getting the core game play ironed out before they start tacking on features.
KonradNeumann avatar
KonradNeumann  •  3 years ago
The game looks nice and I love the highways idea. I do not like the stupid high minigame and I really hate the lack of variety in the commands you give your captains. Especially that you can't say "Go here"