Egosoft looking for beta testers

Friday 29th November, 2013 Comments 12 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
This a bit of a strange post for me - as it appears egosoft are now asking for people to help test beta builds, in a new X Rebirth - Patch Public Beta forum section. To me this seems strange for two reasons, firstly now egosoft are now asking for the public's help (which they havnt done since its release). And secondly feels like I have been bypassed as a NDA tester; we should of been the ones doing this before the public release (so you shouldnt have had to put up with a buggy release). That was supposed to be our job.

So if you feel like helping them, why not head over there, read the rules, and help them out.

Myself, I feel annoyed about things, and it feels somewhat belittling to me (after the amount of things ive posted). It feels like egosoft have skipped over the NDA testers and gone straight to the public now. Maybe I should rethink my effort into the x-community, or even skip it for awhile. I dont feel anyone listens to me there, and hence why I posted here. Maybe im just being stupid? Atleast here I feel you guys listen and make intelligent posts.


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