Egosoft looking for beta testers

Friday 29th November, 2013 Comments 12 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
This a bit of a strange post for me - as it appears egosoft are now asking for people to help test beta builds, in a new X Rebirth - Patch Public Beta forum section. To me this seems strange for two reasons, firstly now egosoft are now asking for the public's help (which they havnt done since its release). And secondly feels like I have been bypassed as a NDA tester; we should of been the ones doing this before the public release (so you shouldnt have had to put up with a buggy release). That was supposed to be our job.

So if you feel like helping them, why not head over there, read the rules, and help them out.

Myself, I feel annoyed about things, and it feels somewhat belittling to me (after the amount of things ive posted). It feels like egosoft have skipped over the NDA testers and gone straight to the public now. Maybe I should rethink my effort into the x-community, or even skip it for awhile. I dont feel anyone listens to me there, and hence why I posted here. Maybe im just being stupid? Atleast here I feel you guys listen and make intelligent posts.

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MadArkael avatar
MadArkael  •  3 years ago
Better late than never?
Tigereye31890 avatar
Tigereye31890  •  3 years ago
Of course they will get furious feed backs, because for most of us they didn't fix anything. They just said they did. Lol, nice.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
thanks guys! I have read all your comments, sorry for the kind-of generic reply.

@Vespy I think its ego who need to ask for help, then we be able too.

@Ranalune I agree about the xmas discount. It will indeed turn into another flame war.
Ranalune avatar
Ranalune  •  3 years ago
Don't feel down, you are nor responsible nor guilty about anything, except for being devoted I guess !

The way I see things for the public beta testing (of patch, it is a "proper" beta, where they MAY listen to the warnings !). It's a way to involve the players, but it is just communication. They need this to help settle down all the discontents (even if just a bit). And maybe to help broaden the PC configuration of the player base involved in the process. Even 1.18 didn't fix my campaign (6th restart). And right now I'm quite fed up with the campaign start, I wold say :P

I would like to think they won't discount it before at least having gotten rid of the game breaking bug, and polishing a bit the game.
If they do discount it for Xmas however, they will just put a gun in their mouths again. And I will never buy one of their games again, ever. Even though I am still hopeful for X rebirth at this point (silly me).

For the ep1, I did not notice. Would make sense, considering the reopening of the unexplained reopening, but if they gave us only a bit of the game to sale another bit later... Without a big overall of game mechanics, I will stay out.

Anyway, cheer up ! Winter, err, I mean, Summer is coming !
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Vespy  •  3 years ago
What I'm guessing happened was that Egosoft finally did fully switch to a community beta test system after releasing 1.17, after hearing the rather furious feedback on their forums and from game reviewers from the first week after release.

I think this is a big step forward, and while I totally understand that you feel like you've been replaced, I think the opposite is true: You now have a massive army of people willing to help you, roguey, and now that Egosoft has opt-in betas for patches, all of us little people are looking for community leadership by big people like you.

I'm obviously one of those, I love/hate XRebirth, and I *want* to make it better. I've played X3 and lurked on the forums for at least 6 years on and off, and I've hacked around on mods and source files, so I have quite a bit experience and knowledge, BUT I've never published anything, never posted anything, just experimented in my corner.

In these dark days I'm compelled to come out of the closet as being in love with the X series, while, sorry guys, remaining straight for now Wink. And I want to help but I'm not sure where to start.

So I understand that you feel neglected by Egosoft, but to the community you made this website for in the first place, you're more important than ever. Beyond that, this is the time to recruit helpers, like me (there's tons of us), to help not only with your website, but also represent your (and some of your minions') opinion to Egosoft.


RuppertHound avatar
RuppertHound  •  3 years ago
I know what you mean, it seems as if every station build is a new xenon hub plot and with no seta the time it takes for that station to earn the money back you spent on it is way too long, trading is a pain in the ass even without the bugs. Constantly having to go around and refresh the orders is stupid. By the time you have flown around 1 sector getting all the orders stored you gotta start all over again.

I wish they would take the good things from X:R like the visuals, i even dont mind the skunk being the only ship you can fly if the ships you owned werent bugged and actually fight, and put them into X3:TC or AP. I also like the fact you can control it all using xbox controller, it means i can chill out away from my comp on the sofa and not have to have the keyboard on my lap. Just ease of use i suppose.

With things the way it is in game i cant see them lowering price until the game is fixed. They will just have even more people complaining at them. The X series was actually on offer through the Humble Bundle just before X:R was released so having an Xmas sale will probably be far off.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
hey, thanks guys for your posts. I do appreciate your posts! As you can tell, I do feel a bit 'down' about the whole thing. You probably think.. well didnt you know how things would play-out? well, not really - I thought I was just being set in my way, or that ego would suddenly produce something really good (ego have been doing space-sims for awhile now).

I have noticed that egosoft have discounted the previous titles (in this autumn sale). What do you think are the chances they will discount XR in the xmas sale? I guess for many people this would really annoy them, especially those who brought it at £40 (or pre-order). Do you think there's a possibility of that happening?

the thing is to me, even if all the bugs are fixed, then the game needs a serious re-think - something that I doubt bernd will admit too. I really cant see the long-term goals in it. Adding new plots may extend the game somewhat but when its over, the game is kind-of finished. Its not a game you can play for 300-400 hours, unlike the previous x-games.

as anyone else noticed the words 'ep1' in the universe maps? episode 1?
Tonsilgon avatar
Tonsilgon  •  3 years ago
This is not strange.
On the one hand, after 1.17 they feel that the 1.18 patch needs to be beta-tested. On the other hand they just can't afford to let all the players wait another week for version 1.18.
So they gave the patch to the public, but at the same moment they told everybody that it is still a beta.
BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  3 years ago
This is nothing but a massive PR campaign to stop the bleeding. It does two things, First it makes the community feel involved, like they are part of the solution. Second it gives them a scape goat... the real Beta Testers. Now when they fix bugs they can "imply" that you Dev Net guys did not catch that.

It will be veiled like: "Wow, that is a bug even our Dev Net team didn't catch! Good Job guys!"

birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Did you never read Animal Farm ... There is a new eager fresh supply of free workers.... Never underestimate the bottom line .. I think you will find that CEO of Deep Silver prefers a wider audience for his titles ... watch Metro 2033/last night get dumbed down..and being a fellow national had a great influence over young Bernd's direction....Not that Bernd had a clue in what direction to go anyway.
Staberind avatar
Staberind  •  3 years ago
Hi, I can see the basic logic behind crowdsourcing; the random mix of totally different machines, approaches and so on, but yes, I think its crazy that Bernd decided to cut out and ignore many of the people that have made the X series so great, supported it with amazing sites like this, mods, resources, libraries and so on, essentially, and I deplore having to put it so bluntly; "Adding a lot of value to their product/franchise", The last thing I would advocate (for purely selfish reasons ;P )is turning your back on them, as you are a pillar of the community, however, with treatment like that, I'd not blame you.
RuppertHound avatar
RuppertHound  •  3 years ago
Dont take it to heart dude, many of us that play the X games still belive in you. I know when i first started playing X3:TC and AP i wouldnt of made it if it wasnt for your guides and help. Dont give up on it and thanks for everything Smile