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Saturday 7th December, 2013 Comments 17 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
The first thing I want to say is; big-thanks to everyone letting me know how you feel about X-Rebirth whether via votes, or your comments. I am very glad you guys took the time to express your feelings and thoughts.

During this process it seems you guys told me that I am a kind-of community leader? I find this very strange because when I started my X2 site I had just a handful of visitors (most of them being me lol). You may of seen I have been a bit vocal recently, and probably also taking things a bit too personal. This doesnt mean I want necessary change what I wrote, or tell you something different. I am just used posting stuff that feels it gets read by a handful of people.

I guess there has been some changes in the egosoft camp with the introduction of public testing. In some ways it looked like they had already moved away from 'us' NDA testers, as on a whole we got largely ignored. So this felt a bit like a kick in the teeth (once again). I didnt really think of the positive side that now there is a army of fresh testers out there. A army of soldiers is better than a handful of tanks (to use a metaphor).

So now, we are at this point, wondering what we should/want do about things. As you seen things arent great; a community who feels hurt and bunch of developers who feel scared to post anything cos the community wants blood. I understand it takes time to heal, however I cant, not feel this isnt right. Obviously we are all space-sim fans and hence the reason we are here. I know you guys are very special fans, spending countless hours into these type of games, whether its playing, writing guides, and/or creating new content. I too have spent a lot of time developing sites, modding and playing. In the progress you guys tell me im respected, which I feel honoured to be part of! So I guess im in a unique position at the moment, being able to talk to you guys as friends.

This maybe not really my place to do this, nor maybe the best way to write it. However seeing there is no-one else who can do such a thing, it falls on me to do this.

You may wonder what as sparked such a post? well funny enough when reading some of the negative posts today - I wondered were do we want this to head? Myself ive seen the collapse of a franchise, and its not nice. I am wondering if egosoft chooses to work closer to its community now (the first step egosoft kind-of already took via public testing), will you guys be willing to forgive them? I just dont see how sticking your head in the sand is going to help out the community at all;

Please when voting be honest your own feelings - At a time like this is easy to post harshly. Please really think before voting;


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