Plot guide #1 finished... mostly

Monday 16th December, 2013 Comments 11 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Its taken a long time, but I have finally finished the X-Rebirth plot. During the plot I have been writing a guide (as I guess most of you have seen), and uploading videos. This is one of the largest guides I have written, at 43 pages long! So there is bound to be a few grammar or spelling mistakes, sorry in-advance. I will correct them in time, however the main thing for me is to get the basic guide done.

For a first time I have been uploading videos to youtube. This as allowed me to create a playlist, where all the videos can be put into a list. X-Rebirth plot #1 playlist can be seen here - although there are lots of spoilers there.

If you wish to have a look at the guide, it can be seen here;


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birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Well 21 hrs in and screwed up .. Made to big an enemy of Plutarch scan missions to hard,, will have to go back when had good relations . No bugs, one crash. There is a good game/universe in there, get rid of the childish stuff, thin out the pointless chains of ships and patches and more patches. Everybody is comparing Rebirth (beginning) with X3 after loads of patches and mods.....Egosoft screwed up bad but they also screwed up before. The plots/missions were just as tedious in Albion and Terran (before I get flamed opinion only)..... Nothing worse than a reborn Rebirther.
RuppertHound avatar
RuppertHound  •  3 years ago
The station building bug still isnt fixed but tbh ive already given up with it. Atleast until some nice mods come out.
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Not at the station building section yet as I keep restarting,, my way of learning .... The mods I have seen (not using any)do not really change much which is understandable with all the patches ... Will persevere because it is the only game in town ... Hopefully when I fully master the game it won't be an empty experience...
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Well Update ...played another 8 hrs ... eye strain easing .. UI still not nice ... but coming round, starting to enjoy ... it is not X4 and never will be, accepted ... still needs lot of work ... but OK.
Tigereye31890 avatar
Tigereye31890  •  3 years ago
There are still despite their so called bug fixes the same persisting issues in game for me that make it unplayable from a free play point of few for industrialization and trade. I'm sure it's not just me. I won't give up yet. Time will tell.
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Well Roguey finally bit the bullet and accepted that XRebirth is not X4 and never will be ...So finally got the joystick to work ok.ish ... no fire trigger ( is that me or not in-game yet).
Because I have never had to do it before is there any way to play game and view your guide without saving ,come out of game, watch vid and re-enter game.....?
Do you know if there is a printer friendly Manual/Guide anywhere..?
As you can see from the questions this old dog is trying to learn some new tricks..

birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Plus ...A printer friendly Universe map anywhere, tried Drow's universe map looks great on screen but does not translate to A3 very well and is not ink friendly and yours is in sections......
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Well ... played non stop for about 3 hrs .. losing the will to eye strain..and did I say losing the will to live.
Desius avatar
Desius  •  3 years ago
Nice work Roguey!
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Take my hat off to you ... Climbing of Everest in the Rebirth world -- Got ask though .... Can I play through the plot without the need to edit or use mods ??? ...Thanks.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
@birdtable well for me I had two times where I had to cheat to get pass something. I know these issues will be fixed - maybe some already have? but without re-going over the plot, its hard for me to know.

@Desius thanks Xmas