New video section, and Watchwithwaddy

Sunday 29th December, 2013 Comments 3 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
During the pass few days ive been re-looking at my video section of the site. I had a message from a YouTube user; Watchwithwaddy asking me if I could add his X-Rebirth videos to my site. When looking at his videos, I saw some great videos; some offering advice, tips and/or help on XR. However I felt my video section wasnt up to par, as it was a bit of a mess.

So now I have re-done the video section, trying to make it easier to use and better looking. This update also allows for youtube playlist importing (if you have a bunch of videos you wish to add), although for this you will need to contact me.

Watchwithwaddy X-Rebirth videos can be seen here.

He has also created video about the site too! A big thanks for doing that! Smile

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Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
hehe, thanks guys - hopefully we keep getting better Smile
bozo64r avatar
bozo64r  •  3 years ago
Could not have explained it better! We gotta love Roguey Wink
birdtable avatar
birdtable  •  3 years ago
Good move ...Just been following watchwithwaddy guide to trading ... The guide was excellent shame the actual trading experience was not, not quite ready yet to devote my time to this aspect while the universe awaits .... I must admit my dislike of XRebirth at first mainly because everything had changed controls/atmosphere/locations but as I play more and more and get to understand the mechanics of the game I find it easily as good as Albion (if not better) at this stage of development...Just a shame that the Egosoft Forum is still so mindlessly aggressive at the moment.