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Thursday 9th January, 2014 Comments 0 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Ive been asked a few times if I could do some pages showing where goods are produced. This is a fairly complex task because each station in the universe can have different modules installed. With different modules installed this can vary what it does and produce. So without doing a very complex task (loading in all stations and modules (100's of XML files), then comparing each station to the zone map, add then finally working out what each module does)... for each ware (x176). This would put a lot of stress on the site, just to say station A can produce ware B.

However.. I had I thought about it today - I already have a page that list out all the modules of each station. So if I tag onto that, then the site can build its own list of ware producers. The only downside (doing it this way) is this list will need to be built up over time, by visiting the station information pages (in the universe section). I know its not ideal but the other way would be simply too complex.

So basically the site is now building its own database (when you visit pages) on the XR universe.

Links to these pages can be found in the ware sections, under station producers:

News picture 44

[update] Added support for multiple wares per module, and primary modules.


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