New patch v1.25, lost cause or not?

Thursday 27th February, 2014 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
It looks like the staff at havnt given up on X-Rebirth, with the release of v1.25. This patch aims at adding a new target locking system, better smalltalk rewards, Trade improvements and an Logbook. Bernd (CEO of egosoft) has created a new video explaining the various updates (shown below):

Since its release back on 15th Nov, X-Rebirth as been heated topic leading to low review scores and harsh criticism from gamers. So now some time has past us, what are your feelings on X-Rebirth? Is Egosoft's tempt to make something from X-Rebirth too late or misguided? or do you feel X-Rebirth is simply a lost cause, no matter what they do? have your say and vote below;

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BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  3 years ago
Patches for the 300 people still playing?!
Martinez90 avatar
Martinez90  •  3 years ago
The game is showing promise! I will buy it once it's on steam sale!