A relook of X-Rebirth with patch v1.25

Saturday 1st March, 2014 Comments 5 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
After the recent patch, I thought I would relook at X-Rebirth - to see what has changed since. After completing the plot a few months back, I didnt feel much reason to keep playing X-Rebirth; as I couldnt do a lot of the things I wanted; empire building was/is limited, a lack of ships to fight, no swapping of ships and little left to explore; not to mention all the bugs. I never got into trading because I felt it was too difficult and wasnt worth the effort (especially when you can open-up the save-game XML and whack on five digits on your account).

So below I have posted a video on youtube; as I return to play X-Rebirth. Please bare in mind that im still very inexperienced doing voice-overs. I know others will play the game differently and this is just my take. If you agree/like the video, please like it as it will give me some idea on whether to do more or not. thanks.

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jack775544 avatar
jack775544  •  3 years ago
I feel the exact same way about the game as you do Roguey. There is just no real challenge in the combat, and until there is something like Improved Races either built in or made as a mod, X:R just doesn't interest me that much. I want to love the game but in the end it just seems so average.

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that was an apostrophe Smile
Martinez90 avatar
Martinez90  •  3 years ago
So the game is improving. I'm closer to buying it, but not without steam sale :P
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
@jack775544 the apostrophe's should now be working fine..
Sinxar avatar
Sinxar  •  3 years ago
You sound great. Have you thought about doing an LP of Rebirth?
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  3 years ago
Cheers Sinxar, as you know doing these types of video can feel a bit odd at first. As for an LP for XR, well that might be awhile.