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Monday 13th October, 2014 Comments 8 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
A few days ago, I was asked by santi if I could update my XR site with v2.5 content. Whilst it does take an hour or so, its an relatively easy task for me.

The site uses in-game files, but was my first tempt. It also uses a database for in some look-ups (ie. what is zone 2, sector 3). After the XR site, I started on my second tempt to use in-game files (for my X3/TC/AP sites). These sites work directly on the types files (without the need of a database at all - which make them even easier to update). Before I started to use in-game files, I used to run them through a large process; converting them into tables. However this was a long process, which made it hard to update and meant a lot of errors would happen. The reason why started to move away from a database driven site.

Since deciding to leaving the x-community, I dont really want to do a re-code of the XR site (even know I should be able do it better). However I dont mind refreshing the files now and then - as I dont think there are many X-Rebirth sites out-there (although I havnt really been looking). If you use this site for XR, Im sure you probably want up-to-date information. However I dont want people thinking im coming back just because I do an refresh of some files.

I feel it was a shame what happened with me and Egosoft, but I never felt there was a proper community relation manager. So either the developers didnt want to listen, or didnt know. Unlike the previous x-games, XR should of been based on community reactions rather than just the internal staff at EgoHQ. Heck, X3AP v3.0 was a community effort (new plots, split M6 ship etc). Only after a lot of people complained about XR did Egosoft do something/or at-least acknowledge it (like add features/fixes that should of been at release). Egosoft did acknowledge there was poor communications between the L5's but failed to react (during a year). If anything, Egosoft was forced to talk directly to the public as a lot of core-members left (around 90-95%). This again caused more problems, as it felt L5 members were being ignored once again. All this left a bitter and fractured community, and hence my reason on leaving.

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Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
I am thinking to look into it and see.
prastagus avatar
prastagus  •  2 years ago
For the first time since this game came out, I found that v2.51 is stable enough to play and enjoy. Perhaps Roguey can come back and take a look?
MrKiller avatar
MrKiller  •  2 years ago
Hi, after reading a bit from your site, i found too that EGO soft, hence the capital EGO, only cares about money and not input from valuable people who can contribute a lot in a game. It is a shame that you left the game for those reasons, but i'm hoping that you still like to play a space-sim once in a while...
Also i notice that you made quit an effort about the game(s) and i love some of the things you did. I also played games for over 45 years now, and still do not get enough of it, even when i'm frustrated about let's say, the dumbass auto-pilot, and that is only one of them. Like passing an asteroid closely, and when you are passed it, the AutoPilot then makes stupid moves..HUH??? (Albion Prelude)
Well, keep doing what you like and gets the most satisfaction out of it. Those bozo's at big corporations do not care about the little man, only their money.
SyberSmoke avatar
SyberSmoke  •  2 years ago
Then I say, do what you enjoy! There are still friendly people, sadly they get drown out by the fools and cave dwellers when a game sells well.
YorrickVander avatar
YorrickVander  •  2 years ago
Thanks for doing that Roguey, this is still the most useful site for XR. Judging by the most popular mod in use, the cap bridges, theres only 1500 or so players left now so I guess it's no suprise there aren't more up.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
@SyberSmoke I developed the sites for myself and others; its nice to build something; of-which can be useful for others. I used to write programs in VB6 and that, but they would simply sit on my HDD - that no-one would use.

However with a site, the final product would help others. Early web-development didnt allow for dynamic pages so easily (it was a pain to do coding), plus my web-coding was very limited. It was great to move to an more interactive environment, being able to talk to others and backing a game/developer.

However being a lot closer in the development cycle allowed me to experience a lot more. After all said and done, a few guys even said (on the ES board) I was replaceable within seconds (ie. no big lost that I was going). The x-community never used to be harsh, it was no longer an friendly place.

The XR site was simply made to help others, as I didnt find the game enjoyable myself. I often found it more interesting to work on the site - decoding the game, rather than writing bug-reports/suggestions which got ignored. I felt my time working on the site was more useful.

@santi no problem, small updates arent too hard but large re-codes arent.
SyberSmoke avatar
SyberSmoke  •  2 years ago
I have thought about your reasons for a while since you stated you were leaving. And I have come to a single question: Who do you hurt in all of this? Certainly it is not Egosoft...no they may be aware of this, but I do not think it hurts them. I think this enmity that is directed at Egosoft only hurts those that you feel have been hurt...the community.

I understand that you feel slighted as many do, even the optimistic ones like I. But in doing what you have done, you have left a hole that can not easily be filled. And that only hurts those that respect you, at least that is how I see it. There is no right answer, there is no path with out hard feelings...but the question is who did you develop these wonderful sites for? Egosoft? Your self? Or was it the community?
santi avatar
santi  •  2 years ago
Great news as your site is still the only one with comprehensive information about Rebirth. Thank you very much for fulfilling my request I really appreciate you taking the time to update the site for the benefit of others.