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Friday 14th November, 2014 Comments 9 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
Ive been asked a few times if I would re-look at X-Rebirth because a lot has changed since the last time ive looked. So during the past week ive been looking into the game - see what's changed. Ive also been looking into where the game is heading. Here is the video;

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HighExplosives1 avatar
HighExplosives1  •  2 years ago
Egosoft made a complete hash of X Rebirth when it first came out. Hopefully they don't make a complete hash of things with the sequel to X Rebirth.
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SilveradoNL  •  2 years ago
Hi Roguey:)
@04:30 & @26:08 in your video, you are clearly bothered by that menu like I was.

You can change it by enabling ‘HUD Detail Monitor’ under ‘In-Game Settings’ and the menus will change from the existing popup screen next to you, into a nice transparent menu in front of your face.
If you combine this with the ‘Maintain Speed in Menus’ to disable the auto-breaking, you can just fly towards the point you want, while browsing the entire menu system.

Hope you will have a better time with X-Rebirth.
This is the first time i will personally give the game a serious shot myself since i pre-ordered it. Knowing Egosoft release history, i decided not to torture myself and wait before playing it for longer than a day or two. It is looking a lot better now though.

The main reason i think you can only fly a single ship, is the same as with X-BTF. It's a new engine, new models, new everything..... Having many more ships to fly would have been hard to put in the game from the start. I really think Egosoft will give into the community pressure and put more pilotable ships in the games DLC, or in the games sequel.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
Well I dont think its as cut n dry as you say Alex. Quite a lot of people where upset about XR and when voiced their opinion got banned. There was some very overzealous moderator action. I even felt I couldnt talk on the ES forum's freely. So naturally some people came here. I have a different policy and wont shut-down a conversion unless I really need too. However that doesnt mean I wont, nor will I tolerate personal attacks.

However saying now only intelligent people talk on the ES isnt fair or right. Myself I left the ES forum, so are you calling me thick? I really hate such comments, as they tend to cause more problems than good.

It is good that you are enjoying the game, however for me I find the core of the game is broken. The single-ship are annoying, but isnt a deal-breaker for me. I feel they shouldnt of bothered with the walking around, and focused more on the space-part.
AlexanderSziller avatar
AlexanderSziller  •  2 years ago
"However saying now only intelligent people talk on the ES isnt fair or right."

Notice that I said "intelligent talk", not "intelligent people"...
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
word play. on the internet you have to read some pretty poorly constructed sentences. I am glad you meant something else although. Atleast its sorted before someone else jumped-on this and started flaming.
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AlexanderSziller  •  2 years ago
Started a new game when 2.00 came out, and spent 150 in-game hours on hard difficulty ONLY trading, while using the money to build as many stations as possible.
No item trading, no generic missions, no boarding, no piracy, no long-range scanners, just pure demand/supply trading.
It worked great, and now with 3.0 they completly overhauled hacking, added crafting of items and several totally unique items.
They added crew training, special new stuff which you can find with the long-range scanner, they added new commands for ships.
You can now set your own price at stations, and you can set your manager to share budget with you (finally).

Even more generic missions were added, and all rewards were buffed.
New upgrades for Albion Pride, aswell as new missiles and weaponry are coming in 3.0.
You can now TRADE and BUILD much better than in ANY of the previous games, without doubt.
In the 3.0, the freelancing aspect is greatly improved (unique items, crafting, missions, rewards). So FREELANCING is also greatly improved.
And Teladi Outpost is going to add a brand new PIRATE/SMUGGLER factions, which you can befriend and work for. They have their own zones with their own stations and stuff. Let's hope that piracy will really be enjoyable, as it was completly WORTHLESS

AlexanderSziller avatar
AlexanderSziller  •  2 years ago
Also, it's a great shame to see that Roguey's site became the hideout of upset and stubborn Egosoft haters that were banned long time ago.
Even though Roguey himself seems to be fair.
But fine. At least the official forums are not infested anymore, and a man can have a great, intelligent chat with reasonable people, no matter if they like/dislike Rebirth.

Except for one thing, more playerships.
If playerships are your disappointement, you shouldn't have bought the game in the first place. It was never promised, it should have never been there.
If lack of more playership is what Rebirth is lacking for you, then the game is simply not for you.
You shouldn't have bought a one-plship game, when you wanted more playerships. It's not Egosoft's fault that you like different types of games.

And IMHO, if ability to fly any ship is what defines the X series for you, then you are completly missing the game.
Roguey avatar
Roguey  •  2 years ago
Well, its been like 2 years for me. So it was a bit much to think a lot has changed. To be honest I havnt seen a lot of changes since alpha (apart from highways), even graphical. Most changes have been small additions like radar, fps increases etc. The core of the game has stayed mostly the same.
BarrenEarth avatar
BarrenEarth  •  2 years ago
Yep... still sucks, just more lipstick on the piggy