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Tuesday 29th March, 2016 Comments 2 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.
I want to say a big thank-you to Chris for donating a copy of Home of Light DLC. This has allowed me to start creating a Home of Light section on my X-Rebirth site. This wasnt previously possible. So far I have a map section, station, faction and ware lists (which I think are correct). I will be looking into HoL over the next week or so, to see has changed and what is new.

You may also noticed a few issues with the site recently, these are mostly due to some reorganization in the database. If you notice anything, please let me know.

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Roguey  •  11 months ago
hi sparks for letting me know. I had a look over the ship section, and added a few of the missing files. So most of the ships should display, with all their stats now. I have also fixed the missing names on some of the ships too.

Il look into the wares next time.

ps. let me know if you find any more ship pages that dont work.
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Sparks  •  11 months ago
Hi Roguey,

Nice one for continuing to support. Here's a few notes on inconsistencies (some pre-date the recent update*):

1. Medium ships: Some Mercancias and Nyana variants have no name.
2. Medium ships: Many have no stats.
3. Large ships: An Onil variant had have no name.
4. Large ships: Some have no stats (Onils, Zepp).
5. Large ships: Several have missing info (speed and surface elements).
6. XL ships: Some have no speed stats and several have no surface elements.
7. Argon ship build plans list Albion instead of Argon wares (BoFu etc.)**.

*Just mentioning it in case it helps pin things down.

**Not a universal issue as when in ware pages, Food Rations don' think they are used for Argon ships, and Bofu does think it is used for Albion ships. Wares like Drones default to saying they need Food Rations but that's probably not a big deal*. I guess it could stem back to Omicron Lyrae features being introduced post-release.