Moebius (S)

The Moebius, apparently, is a smaller version of the Golem and, as such, shares much of its splendid technology. Generally what can be said about its larger sibling is also true with regard to the Moebius. Its manoeuvrability and thrust-to-payload ratio are each one of a kind, leading this class of ship, and its handsome weapon array outshines similar ships with ease. It is, however, not clear how PMC - a company better known for crude mining operations than the design of elegant and powerful warships - was able to acquire the Moebius design plans. One thing is clear to experts: PMC could not have it done it all by themselves.

Name Moebius
Group S
Use by factions
Shields 29,000 M/J
Hull 36,000
Maximum speed 278 m/s
Weapons 4 main / 0 turrets
XML macro (for devs) units_size_s_pmc_xen_01_macro
Ship construction
Time to build 78 seconds
Required wares
Ware cost Min: 258,626, Avg: 278,690, Max: 298,688.
Ware id (for devs) shp_s_pmc_xen_01

Main: (9 items)
cockpit Cockpit: Ware link Cockpit
engine Engine: Ware link Matter/Antimatter Drive
Speed: +278 / -31 m/s, Acc: 93 m/s, Steer: 168
radar Radar: Ware link Scanning Array
Scanner range: 15,000
shieldgenerator Shield: Ware link Force Field Projector
29,000MJ, 36.3 seconds recharge
weapon Weapon: Ware link Pulsed Maser Mk1
weapon Weapon: Ware link Pulsed Maser Mk1
weapon Weapon: Ware link Plasma Repeater Mk1
weapon Weapon: Ware link Plasma Repeater Mk1
hull Hull: 36,000


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