Habitation (station)

In a bid to survive their isolation, the Canterans have adapted parts of decaying and damaged Terran mining and administrative stations into Habitations to house the remaining families. These Habitations provide living space and some security for the survivors but are an increasing burden to maintain and protect from the effects of entropy and the raids of Reivers. The Habitations are as bad as they look with damaged sections isolated and open to vacuum. Occasionally, elements are refitted using salvaged ship or station parts but, without further construction resources, the Habitations are doomed to eventually fail. The families eke out a living with spare supplies of stable basics but have little to no viable production capabilities left.

Universe Search
For Dev's struct_bt_dv_canteran_outpost_03_macro

Default setup
1 x URV Launcher

2 x Terran Module

1 x Terran Processing
produces Microchips

2 x Terran Depot
260,000 x #container,
260,000 x #energy,
260,000 x #liquid,

Sequence A (optional)
1 x Terran Module

1 x Terran Depot
260,000 x #container,
260,000 x #energy,
260,000 x #liquid,

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