About this mod

The aim of this X3 mod is not to dramatically change X3 but to add new and exciting features on the original game. The mod will keep the game-play very similar but with a lot more depth. Some of the new features include: new ships (PJM, Killertide and Crip67), M6+ range, new M7 ships, new M0 ships, loads of new sectors (with new planets and backgrounds), improved X3 graphics (missile trails, engine effects etc.), Terran/Goner/Yaki are part of the universe, new BBS missions, News ticker system (reports real news to the BBS) and much more!

Summary of mod

  • New X3 and X2 style ships,
  • Tender class ships,
  • New M6+ Range,
  • General game speed ups,
  • The Auto Hull Repair System,
  • Random Claimable ships,
  • Salvage Claim Software,
  • New missions and quests on the BBS,
  • More life to the universe,
  • Real News Report System,
  • New custom starts (Goner, Khaak, Pirate, Station, Terran, Yaki)
  • More shields classes (500MJ, 800MJ and military shields),
  • Graphical and sound improvements,
  • New sectors, backgrounds and planets,
  • EMP built-in,