Privacy Policy

In this article I will explain how your personal data is stored and used. Its very important to keep your personal data safe and to explain how we use them. You can rest assure that none of your personal data will (or ever) be sold to third party sites, and the amount of data stored is kept to an minimum. If you simply browse the site, no information is stored. We do use Google Adsense and Analytics programs but none of that data is accessed directly by the site.


Cookies are used on this site but only when a person logs into the site (after creating an account), playing the arcade or saving builds/system location in the Elite & Dangerous areas. If you dont want to use cookies at all, then please dont use these features. If you disable cookies you may find certain features of the site may not work; such as logging into the site, saving of saving builds/system location in the Elite & Dangerous areas etc.

Most of the cookies do not store any personal details; such as the Elite & Dangerous ones which simply contain an in-game location (such as Ross 128).

The only cookie created with personal data is the one created when you log-in into the site. If done so, a cookie will be created that contains unique code. This unique code is stored into the database and checked against the database. This allows a person to log-into the site.

A second cookie is created after a user has accepted the cookie warning notice - inrony. Otherwise the notice would pop-up on every page viewed.

Registering an account

When registering on this site, a couple pieces of personal information are stored - these are:
  • Your email address,
  • and your IP,
After-which a email is sent to the requested address to validate the user. If the user clicks on the link in the email, they will be directed to a page that confirm the email address. Once the email address has been confirmed they will be asked to enter in a username. The username is simply the name that is displayed on this site when posting content (such as comments, forum posts etc.).

Once the account has a confirmed email address and username set, the user will need to assign an password to the account. The password allows the user to log-into the account. Passwords on this site are heavily encrypted! So it is not possible to recover the password latter (if lost or forgotten). Forgotten passwords must be reset either by the admin or by using the lost-password function.

Once an account has the following details it can be logged into;
  • confirmed email address,
  • username,
  • password,
If you created an account by using Facebook only email address is stored from your Facebook profile. This allows you to skip the email verification step. You will still need to assign an username and password for the account. Your IP is recorded but not retrieved from your Facebook profile. No other details are stored from your Facebook profile!

It is good sense not to make your password here the same for another website or email address.

If the user chooses to log in, a cookie will be created with an unique code (which will be stored in the database too). The cookie will not contain any personal details, such as usernames, passwords, etc. and will be deleted if the person clicks log-out in the home section.

After the account has been created, you can add chooose to add more personal data such as location, time-zone, interests, website and signature. These can be removed by the user or by the admin if requested (please use the contact form if you require help).

Removal of personal details

If you wish to have your personal details removed from the site, please use the contact form and provide the following information;
  • Your email address or username used when registering,
Please add a subject and some text telling me you want your details to be removed. I may send an email before the deletion to check you are happy for the data to be removed (once the account is gone its gone for good). If the account is newly created (no content posted), then I will simply remove the account without sending a confirmation email.

I will then remove all your personal details from the site (including the database). Doing so will mean the account is usable in the future and any content posted to the site may disappear (such as comments, forum posts, etc.). Basically everything you have done on the site will cease to exist.

Once all the data has been deleted, I will send another email to let you know the details have been removed as requested.

Google program's

Google Adsense program

This site uses third party advertisements to support the running of the site (through the Google AdSense program). Doing so may lead to your IP address, your ISP, the browser and whether you have Flash installed being sent to these advertisers. This data is used by Adsense program to provide more relevant adverts. After-all do you want to see adverts for German Pizza restaurants in Hong Kong?

No data from site's database is shared to or with Google Adsense Program.

Google Analytics

This site uses the Google Analytics service, allowing viewers to be tracked through the site. This data allows for site statistics to be compiled, allowing us to see pageviews, unique viewers etc. During this process IP address, ISP, browser, etc. will be recorded by the Google Analytics program. This may also lead to Google using this data to personalize its ads on their advertising network. No data from site's database is shared Google Analytics.

IP logging

From time to time, your IP can be stored into the site's database. This is usually done when a person votes on something (without the need to register), or when a non-registered viewer sends in a message through the contact page. If you do not wish for your IP to be recorded in such way, please do not use these services as your IP may be recorded. The IP is recored for voting because otherwise its not possible identify voters uniquely (otherwise a single person could vote multiable times).


By using this site you agree to accept the terms of this sites privacy policy. Hopefully this document as made things clear.

If at anytime you need assistance or have a question please contact me form.