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Picture Of The Moment

Picture of the moment (POTM)


Renegade-X - Open beta out now

Added by Roguey, on Tuesday 25th February, 2014 | Comment 1 comments
Its been a long wait but finally its here; the release of Renegade-X (open public beta). If like me, you remember the classic game - Renegade, then I suggest you head on over there and download a copy. Its free to download, and isnt monetized.

For those who dont know much about Renegade, its a game set in the C&C franchisee where you get to choose a side (GDI or NOD), then using each side unique weapons and vehicle fight to destroy the enemy base. Each structure has a purpose; so destroying the enemy war-factory will stop them from building vehicles or destroying their power-plant will slow production etc. Making players work together to force the enemy defence or defend an incoming attack.

More information on the official site, here:

News Pic: 5


Renegade X multiplayer beta 26th Feb

Added by Roguey, on Friday 29th November, 2013 | Comment 0 comments
If you played C&C Renegade, then you probably heard of the remake called Renegade X. Renegade X used to require a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 to work. However one of the long-term goals was to make a standalone version (not requiring a copy of Unreal Tournament 3).

Today they have announced that the open multiplayer beta will be available on 26th February, along-side a new trailer;

Updates to Ammo

Added by Roguey, on Wednesday 28th November, 2012 | Comment 0 comments
During the past few days ive been upgrading and changing parts of the site, when I came across Ammo. I felt a bit sorry for it (as it rarel;y gets updated now), so I decided to give it an update both code and design wise). One feature a better home area for each C&C game now - which looks more like the new gaming site. Many of the modules have also been updated such as the video tab (to my more updated code which should be better):

News Pic: 4

I have also fixed many broken features such as skin, boink pages in the Renegade section. These have been broke since the removal of sub-domains many.. many months ago.

I am also re-working the unit pages for Renegade and Generals (as they were a bit of a mess).

I know the site isnt very active any-more however I wanted to keep it up-to date with the rest of the sites.

Command & Conquer Instead of Generals 2

Added by TheWhiteTiger, on Wednesday 15th August, 2012 | Comment 4 comments
EA has just announced that there will be no Generals 2 and it's going to be Command & Conquer instead. Not like a remake, but this game will be a Free-to-Play RTS game that will provide players HD graphics and will run on the AAA Frostbite 2 engine. Here's a new trailer:

Visit the official website for more details, FAQ list as well as an early beta access registration.


Tiberian History Mod - Nod SAM In Action

Added by TheWhiteTiger, on Friday 10th August, 2012 | Comment 4 comments
New screen shots of the C&C: Tiberian History mod has been posted, featuring the new Nod SAM in action. The Nod SAM will be featured in the fifth release of the mod and it'll cost $800 to build. Take a look.

News Pic: 38 News Pic: 37

More Tiberian History screen shots can be found here.

Zero Hour Icon

Rise Of the Reds Mod - Latest Structures

Added by The White tiger, on Friday 25th May, 2012 | Comment 0 comments
Recently the Rise of the Reds mod developers posted a couple of new screen shots featuring some new and interesting structures for the mod such as the Chinese Jammer Tower, Civilian Bunkers and more. Have a look.

News Pic: 35 News Pic: 36

There are still more screen shots awaiting you right here.

Ammo updated design

Added by Roguey, on Monday 30th January, 2012 | Comment 2 comments
I been feeling a bit sorry for the Ammo site, its been rarely updated and old style that doesnt quite fit into the rest of the sites. If anything I felt that Ammo has been a bit.. well, defeated.

So I thought ill give it a bit of a refresh, with a mix of old (the top part of the site is classic to Ammo). I hope Tiger likes the new design, as I know he likes black sites. I have also tried to make the navigation some-what simpler too and improve some styling. I havnt finished, but its enough for now Smile

Command and Conquer Generals 2

Added by Roguey, on Monday 12th December, 2011 | Comment 5 comments
I dont know if guys know, but Bioware has announced a new C&C Generals, C&C Generals 2! The announcement also comes with a small trailer showing some content from the new game:

Looks good eh? The bad news, its not due to 2013! Hopefully this will be the rebirth of the C&C franchise, as its been stuck in a bad place with EA for too long.


Tiberian Sun Redux Mod Three New Infantry Units

Added by The White tiger, on Tuesday 8th November, 2011 | Comment 0 comments
Three infantry models of the Tiberian Sun Redux mod has been posted and those three units are, GDI Rifleman Trooper, GDI Jumpjet Trooper and GDI Disc Thrower Trooper which has been armed with explosive disc that can bounce along terrain, it delivers damage to infantry, vehicles and structures as well.

News Pic: 32 News Pic: 33

You can see more screen shots right here.

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