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Renegade-X - Open beta out now

Added by Roguey, on Tuesday 25th February, 2014 | Comment 1 comments
Its been a long wait but finally its here; the release of Renegade-X (open public beta). If like me, you remember the classic game - Renegade, then I suggest you head on over there and download a copy. Its free to download, and isnt monetized.

For those who dont know much about Renegade, its a game set in the C&C franchisee where you get to choose a side (GDI or NOD), then using each side unique weapons and vehicle fight to destroy the enemy base. Each structure has a purpose; so destroying the enemy war-factory will stop them from building vehicles or destroying their power-plant will slow production etc. Making players work together to force the enemy defence or defend an incoming attack.

More information on the official site, here:

News Pic: 5


Renegade X multiplayer beta 26th Feb

Added by Roguey, on Friday 29th November, 2013 | Comment 0 comments
If you played C&C Renegade, then you probably heard of the remake called Renegade X. Renegade X used to require a copy of Unreal Tournament 3 to work. However one of the long-term goals was to make a standalone version (not requiring a copy of Unreal Tournament 3).

Today they have announced that the open multiplayer beta will be available on 26th February, along-side a new trailer;


CnC Ammo now has 85 skins for Renegade

Added by Roguey, on Tuesday 22nd February, 2011 | Comment 4 comments
We now 85 different skins for Renegade which range from simple visual changes to complete vehicle packs. I have also gave the section a graphical upgrade by changing it from a list view to a thumbnail view.


You can view the Renegade skin section here.


Boink section re-open's

Added by Roguey, on Friday 18th February, 2011 | Comment 2 comments
The very thing which started Renegade Ammo all those years back has finally returned to C&C: Ammo: Renegade Boinks. The section start with 60 boinks! You can view them here. I hope someone finds them useful. Sniper *boink*


Returning skins from Snipe0187

Added by Roguey, on Sunday 17th October, 2010 | Comment 1 comments
One of Ammo's old skin managers has returned - Snipe0187. He kept many of his own skins, which are now re-posted back on Ammo. Its nice to see some of the old content return to Ammo (especially since most was lost)! The Renegade skin section has over 50 skins now!

News Pic: 2 News Pic: 1


C&C Assault 0.1

Added by The White tiger, on Tuesday 27th July, 2010 | Comment 0 comments
A new modification for C&C Renegade has been released by GraYaSDF Studio, This modification allows you to construct own base and fight against enemies. Below are some sample pictures of this Mod.

News Pic: 2

You can download this modification by clicking here.


Renegade skin section returns

Added by Roguey, on Friday 23rd July, 2010 | Comment 2 comments
Today marks the return of the Renegade skin section, which re-opens with 40 skins! I will be adding more skins including community ones over time. You can visit the Renegade skin section, here.


Tiberian Sun: Rising

Added by seal, on Thursday 19th February, 2004 | Comment 0 comments
Tiberian Sun: Rising, an up and coming Generals to Tiberian Sun total conversion, has been making a lot of progress recently.? Here are some preview pictures of various units. Be sure to check out their site or chat in the forums.


Regenesis wallpaper!

Added by stryker, on Wednesday 18th February, 2004 | Comment 0 comments
Regenesis has some really neat wallpaper going, if your you go to there site or download it on ammo, its worth a look. The wallpaper is in 1280x1024 format so make sure you make a correction when you get it so it doesnt look weird. Other than that its really good. So go grab it.

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