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Renegade » News » Renegade-X - Open beta out now

Renegade-X - Open beta out now

Tuesday 25th February, 2014 · Comments 1 comments
Posted by Roguey, Global Admin.

Its been a long wait but finally its here; the release of Renegade-X (open public beta). If like me, you remember the classic game - Renegade, then I suggest you head on over there and download a copy. Its free to download, and isnt monetized.

For those who dont know much about Renegade, its a game set in the C&C franchisee where you get to choose a side (GDI or NOD), then using each side unique weapons and vehicle fight to destroy the enemy base. Each structure has a purpose; so destroying the enemy war-factory will stop them from building vehicles or destroying their power-plant will slow production etc. Making players work together to force the enemy defence or defend an incoming attack.

More information on the official site, here:

News Pic: 5