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Ares Expansion dll - Trailer #2

Added by The White tiger, on Monday 4th July, 2011 | Comment 1 comments
Recently a new Ares Expansion dll trailer have been revealed, and this video feature some new enhancements and stuff. Watch this video below.

Visit the Ares expansion dll home page to learn more. The first trailer can also be found here.


Roguey's Tribute to Red Alert 2

Added by Roguey, on Saturday 24th July, 2010 | Comment 1 comments
A few days ago I posted Deltaonline tribute to Red Alert 2. I wanted to create my own, so today I have been. Please have a watch and leave a comment, I hope you like it!


A new mod for Red alert 2

Added by Roguey, on Friday 16th July, 2010 | Comment 0 comments
Over the past weeks I have been playing skirmish games in Red Alert 2, during which I have been adjusting the rules each time until I was happy with it. So I have decided to release it for anyone who still plays Red Alert 2. My rules are designed for Yuri add-on, you can see more here.

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