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Latest news:
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Elite: Dangerous » Ship build section back

For the past few days ive been working on the Elite dangerous ship section. I wanted to improve the desig...
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Elite: Dangerous » The April update

A few days ago an update for Elite & Dangerous was released; entitled as the April update. This update is...
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Elite: Dangerous » Chapter 4 – v3.3 now out

Today marks the day when v3.3 of Elite Dangerous has launched. The new update includes changes to the exp...

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Latest reviews:
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Review » Rise of the Tomb Raider

We join Laura one year later, as she looks for answers. She turns to her father's research believing ...
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Review » Akasa Connect 4SV USB 3.0 hub

It doesnt take long to run out of USB sockets (especially those on the front of the case). In this review...
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Review » Edifier R2000DB

In this review we take a look at the Edifier R2000DB bookshelf speakers....

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