Timelines Expansion and update 7.00 released

Thursday 20th June, 2024 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments

Today marks the release of X4's next DLC - Timelines. In this DLC you get to play over 30 scenarios including some from important events. You will be rated (or scored) depending on your actions, which you can compare with your friends. Completing scenarios you will unlock additional rewards for your sandbox universe.

News picture 263

v7.00 adds a few new ships, flyable Xenon ships, improved Teladi/Argon Capital ships, updates/fixes - a full list can be seen here; Current Version and Build Number: Version: 7.00 (534380) - 2024-06-20.

The site has been updated to include Timelines and v7.00. I was planning to add a guide on the Timeline missions but I have been rather busy and didnt want to publish an inferior guide. So that will be released at a later date, when I feel it meets my expections.

Egosoft have also released a Timelines story trailer, shown below;


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