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21 Dec, 2023  picture
Timelines DLC and v7.0 due 2024

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It appears Egosoft arent quite finished with X4 yet - annoucning a new DLC called: Timelines and major update version 7.0. The new DLC will bring new sectors, ships and a story line, whilst 7.0 will bring many update and fixes (redesigned capital ships, more places). Egosoft have posted a small r ... » Read more
12 Apr, 2023  picture
X4: Kingdom End and v6.0 now out

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The longly awaited Boron DLC: Kingdom End is out today. This new DLC adds unique Boron ships, station and equipment to the X-Universe. Along with the DLC, Egosoft have also released v6.0 of X4 which contains many fixes and the new physics engine; Jolt Physics. ... » Read more
30 Mar, 2023  picture
Kingdom End and version 6.0 be released on April 12th

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Today Egosoft announced that on the 12th April both Kingdom End DLC and the update 6.0 will be released. Kingdom End DLC adds the Borons into X4; discover Boron sectors, ships and technology. Its great to see the Boron will back in X4 as most of their technology has been missing in X4. As well ... » Read more
24 Dec, 2022  picture
Egosoft announces X4: Kingdom End

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Egosoft recently announced the fourth addon to X4 - Kingdom End. In this fourth DLC we will get to see new Boron ships, structures and locations. The Boron are an oceanic people, who design much of their equipment around the ocean. This gives their designs very fluid and distinctive grace - that ech ... » Read more
14 Mar, 2022  picture
Tides of Avarice releases today

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Today marks the release of Tides of Avarice the next chapter in X4: Foundations history. The new DLC adds sectors, pirate and scavenger factions, ships and more. The DLC bolts onto your game, meaning you dont need to restart to access the new content nor do you need any other of the DLCs either. I w ... » Read more
25 Nov, 2021  picture
Egosoft announces X4: Tides of Avarice

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Back in May it came to light that Egosoft were working on a third DLC (the working title being called Ahoy). At the time we could only guess that it had a piratey theme based on the name Ahoy. Today Egosoft have announced third DLC as Tides of Avarice. This new dlc will let you roam through the W ... » Read more
15 May, 2021  picture
3rd DLC for X4: Ahoy!

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Recently some new information has come to light about the third DLC for X4. The new DLC (entitled as Ahoy for a working title) looks to be focused on piracy. The DLC is set to include more sectors, ships, pirate factions and storyline. The project funding started from today and ends on the 14 ... » Read more
28 Mar, 2021  picture
New galaxy map

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During the past few days ive been working on updating the X4 map. I felt the old map was too small (hard to read) and was lacking information, such as shipyards locations, faction ownership etc. Its not been easily - as map is solely built from the gamefiles, and I had a hard time finding some of th ... » Read more
19 Mar, 2021  picture
The recent shut-down of the X4 site

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As you many of seen, the X4 site has been off-line for a couple of days. This wasnt something I wanted to do; the whole reason to create content is to help people whether its a map, stats or just advice or tips. As you can imagine creating content takes many hours, from design, coding, testing and u ... » Read more
16 Mar, 2021  picture
X4 v4.0 and Cradle of Humanity release today

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Today marks the release of v4.0 update for X4. The update includes lots of new featrues such as Terraforming planets, improved fleet control, a new emergency eject feature and many more features. A full change log of v4.0 can be found here. The only negative is that the updated ventures wont be read ... » Read more
2 Mar, 2021  picture
X4: Cradle of Humanity Launch Trailer

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Release date of the CoH expansion is March 16, 2021. You can preorder on Steam or GoG: Steam: GoG: What do you think about this launch ... » Read more
28 Aug, 2020  picture
Egosoft announce Cradle of Humanity DLC for X4

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Yesterday Egosoft announced the second expansion to X4, entitled - Cradle of Humanity. In this new DLC you will get to meet the Terrans (the guys from Earth), who disappeared from the X-universe when the Jump-gates shutdown (in a previous title). Cradle of Humanity will reintroduce pirate faction kn ... » Read more
26 Jul, 2020  picture
Split Vendetta no longer separate

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For awhile you may of seen my X4: Split Vendetta content in a separate section of the site. Ive been asked a couple of times if I could put the various sections together, so instead of searching between two areas; making it easier to find stuff and to comparing ships etc. I did take a look at com ... » Read more