STEAM achievements


A Good Investment
Join a trade guild.
A Matter of the Utmost Gravity
Learn about the Paranid Civil War and pave the
A Significant Bit
Destroy 128 Xenon ships.
Destroy 20 Ad Signs.
Answer the Call
Sign up for a war subscription.
Back Home
Have a ship successfully return from a venture
Balance and Buccaneers
Complete the Duke's Buccaneers' stor
Bling Bling
Apply a paint modification to your ship.
Bug Fixed
Destroy a Kha'ak ship.
Can't Shoot This
Destroy 100 turrets.
Capital Punishment
Destroy a Xenon capital ship.
Captain of Industry
Achieve trade rank Entrepreneur.
Combat Pro
Achieve fight rank Colonel.
Crash Course
Pass the Flight School.
Curbed Ambitions
Complete the Split storyline and side against
Data Mining
Acquire a module blueprint through hacking.
Did I Forget To Lock The Door?
Receive an uninvited guest at one of your stat
Double Agent
Sign up for a war on opposing sides.
Discover all sectors.
Finders, Keepers
Force 50 pilots to abandon their ships.
Fires of Fate
Learn about the Split and pave the path for ch
Fists of the Empire
Complete the Split storyline and side with the
Friends in High Places
Reach highest reputation with any faction.
Have to Start Somewhere
Build the first module of a station.
Find all timeline entries by accessing data va
Holy Three-Dimensionality
Complete the Paranid Unification storyline.
In a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Send a ship on a venture.
In Authority We Trust
Work with the Patriarchy Police during the Spl
It fell out of a ship.
Pick up 99 containers in space.
It's Just Business
Join the Scale Plate Pact.
Let's Build
Construct 10 stations.
Claim ten ships.
Meet Your Mentor
Come face to face with your head of research.
Miner's Luck
Mine the most valuable crystal node.
Nailed Down
Destroy the engines of a capital ship.
Nice Pile
Get one billion Credits in your account.
Dock at a ship that is docked at a capital shi
Righteous Fury
Enact revenge and restore your honour in the g
Rising Property Values
Licence the biggest available plot for your st
Finish a research item.
Ship Breaker
Destroy all the surface elements on a capital
Ship Collection
Own at least 20 ships.
Something Strange in our Neighbourhood
Help investigate the strange readings.
Space Odyssey
Travel through a superhighway in your space su
Space Taxi
Finish 20 passenger transport missions.
That Could Have Gone Better
Do all you can to help Hatikvah's aspirat
That's No Moon!
Discover the mysterious installation.
They Are Gone
Fulfil the Patriarch's orders in the game
Apply a modification to your ship at a workben
Treasure Hunter
Find and open 33 lock-boxes.
Turning the Tide
Complete 20 war missions for a faction.
What Just Happened?
Travel through an anomaly.
Where am I?
Teleport to a different location.
X-Treme Fighter
Achieve fight rank X-TREME.
X-Treme Trader
Achieve trade rank X-TREME.
Yes, Yes, Very Interesting
Learn all you can about slavery (requires the

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