Huge alien site discovered

Tuesday 27th June, 2017 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
Last night a new discovery was found; a huge alien site. The site can be found at HIP 19026, Planet: B 1 C, Coordinates: -17, -151. The site is so huge that it can be seen from orbit.

News picture 210

Some commanders believe its a crashed ship due to its shape, but if this is the case it would mean its hundreds larger than a Anaconda or Thargoid (scout) ship. It dwarfs any commonwealth capital ship by at least twenty times. It could even be a base of some kind?

When you get closer to the site will notice there is movement. This is because there are a bunch of alien scavenger drones patrolling the area. These drones do not shoot you unless you attack them. If you do decide to attack a drone, it will drop either an unknown wake-area, ship signature, technology component, carapace or energy cell. These can be picked up and stored in your data or inventory storage space.

News picture 211

But thats not all, there also appears to be a bunch of unknown uplink devices. You can scan these with your buggy to gain unknown structure data and material composition data. There appears to be a lot of these around the site, some even in caves which open if you have an unknown artifact onboard. These caves dont appear to too deep unfortunately. After scanning the uplink devices you will get a little message too.

News picture 212

So there appears to be quite a few things to collect on the site, no doubt for the engineers at an later date; for the time being you cant use them.

Another odd thing is if you go to exit to the main menu or the game (at the site), you will see the following message;

Are you sure you want to quit to the main menu?
You are currently in a dangerous region. For your own safety your vehicle will be moved outside this region when you return. If you do not want to be automatically moved please move your vehicle out of the dangerous region

I guess this is due because your equipment can be damaged from being near the site, but this is first time ive seen such a message.

I would highly suggest checking out the site for yourself (in mobius or solo, open will turn into a PvP soon). I have created a video on the site, shown below;

ED youtube channels

Friday 16th June, 2017 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
News picture 208

For awhile I have been wanting to help out Elite Dangerous community, so today I went through youtube; searching for content creators with less-than 6,000 subs. In my travels I found quite a few channels out there, some which could do some major boost. I went for 6,000 or less, so I could include some of the more known creators, but excluding the very large channels - as those ones already have a strong backing. I wanted to help out those smaller channels, as I know I can be very hard work to get a channel/website going from the start. So hopefully you wont take offense if your channel is listed below;

CMDR PLATER (5,629 subs)
Great youtuber, does information video and live streams,

News picture 192

Mini (5,218 subs)
A funny if not a little crazy, this guy who does various game-play/information videos. He also does a Sunday live stream. Well worth a check.

News picture 209

Down to Earth Astronomy (3,834 subs)
Great information videos, tips and guides

News picture 193

GametechUK (1,746 subs)
New live ED streamer, help out a new commander learn the ropes of Elite Dangerous. Jason is learning very quickly.

News picture 194

Oddball1975 (1,621 subs)
An unusual channel; proceeds from ED content go-to supporting a UK cockerel rescue center,

News picture 195

MT Superstar (1,359 subs)
Help, information and tips

News picture 196

CMDR Na'Qan (1,188 subs)
In this channel, ships are tested in combat. See how ships fair in battle.

News picture 197

Roguey (1,062 subs)
My own channel, that covers ED stuff (such as guides, help and tips). I put this here, as I could always do with the extra subs. Shameful plug I know :p

News picture 198

Canonn Radio (625 subs)
Recordings of things, could be an interesting channel,

News picture 199

Ricardo's Gaming Channel (614 subs)
commentary/scenery videos

News picture 200

Paroxsym (569 subs)
Good live streamer, responds to comments/questions.

News picture 201

JesterArke (561 subs)
Live streamer, need to check out his stream more

News picture 202

VariXx (71 subs)
Streamer with low subs (could do with a few more visitors),

News picture 203

Andy_G4M3R_Muza (58 subs)
Commentary on gameplay footage,

News picture 204

CMDR Tea_Rex (38 subs)
CMD Tea_Rex has started to teach his Girlfriend to play Elite Dangerous. How will the two fair? will it turn into many arguments on the way?

News picture 205

Jag's Tech World Gaming (30 subs)
New live streamer. This guy could do with some help and advice.

News picture 206

CMDR Peregrinus19 (23 subs)
Pre-recorded stream, looks promising,

News picture 207

I have also created a small video on the channels, which can be seen below;

Hopefully this has helped a few youtube channels grow. If you have a channel that I have missed, please let me know below thanks.

The Thargoids have returned

Wednesday 14th June, 2017 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 2 comments ·
During the past two days there has been a couple of live streams by Frontier. The first stream was underwhelming because people were expecting news on 2.4 but sadly this didnt happen. The second stream (last night) showed Edward Lewis going on a journey to search for a missing ship. The ship had been carrying data from the previous stream on the unknown ships.

Since this was a live event, many commanders joined in to find the ship. In the end the ship was found in HIP 17044, by heading towards the second planet 2, then travel 11k in the direction of Asterope. Once close enough you should see a unregistered comms beacon;

News picture 191

On approach to the beacon you will see the fate of the capital ship. It is believed that the Thargoids attacked the ship, killing everyone onboard. This is the first confirmed attack by the Thargoids, as we only ever seen the aftermath of possible battles. In preparation, I have created a video based on all the alien events so far;

How does make you feel that the Thargoids will be returning? Now might be a good idea to get that trading done before they arrive! Wink

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