Multi-crew and ship naming

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True to their word, Frontier showed us Multi-crew in action. This was the first time we got to see it in action. The stream had Ed directing the stream whilst Adam, Sandro and Barry took control of a Federal Corvette.

News picture 181

The helm of the ship was flown by Sandro. This meant that he had control on the flight of the ship, fixed / gimbal weapons, power management, FSD and the ability to kick unwanted players. Since the helm is always the owner of the ship.

Next Adam and Barry took over the roles of the fighter and gunner. In the fighter role, Adam flew a ship-launch fighter, and supported the Federal Corvette. As of v2.3, you will able to deploy two fighters; one AI + one human OR two human. I dont think you can deploy two AI fighters. This should make fighters an even bigger threat than before.

Next we had the gunner role, this was done by Barry. In this role you get an external view of the ship and you control the turreted weapons, missile racks and scanners. As you get more people joining your crew, you will be able to place an extra couple of pips in the power distributor, making the ship a little stronger. You will not be able to wing-up with a multi-crew ship, which makes sense (as it would be over-powered).

News picture 182

There will be a looking for party function, so make it easier to find players. Frontier wanted to make it an drop-in, drop-out experience. However because some players will be doing illegal actions, you will be able to create a group being either lawful or lawless. If a commander decides to attack the wrong target in a lawful game, they will be kicked from the group automatically (which makes sense).

You may also noticed during the live stream the ship has a name. So another feature will be ship naming.

If you wish to see the live stream, you can watch the first one here, and the second here. Bare in-mind that each are an hour long, but shows the new features in more detail. If however you want a shorter version, I have also created a video explaining the new features below (like and subscribe if possible, thanks);

Cmd creator, camera suite and mega-ships

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There has been a lot of hype surrounding Elite: Dangerous next big updated, entitled 2.3. The main features are multi-crew and the commander creator. Today we got to see some of them. We will hopefully see multi-crew in-action on Frontiers live youtube stream, Thursday.

The first feature we got to see was the commander creator, named Holo Me. Holo Me allows you to create a in-game character. You can create either male or female character, change age, scars, nose, eyes, hair etc. This will allow commanders to put a personal touch to their experience;

News picture 179

The next feature we got to see if the hugely updated camera system. In the past we had to rely on a debug camera; it wasnt bad but was lacking some areas. This should allow content creators to create make better videos. You are able to move the camera around whilst staying in-control of your ship. You can also zoom out much further, control depth-of-view, see inside your cockpit and more.

After that we got to see the new Dolphin ship. To me it looks like another passenger ship, like the Orca or the Beluga Liner. I would make a wager that it will be small passenger liner - but just guessing at this point. It appears to have a similar look to Orca and Beluga;

News picture 180

And finally we got to see was the mega-ships. You may of seen these before in a odd pictures, but now they will be a real thing. These massive ships may have docking facilities, trade, etc. Not much is known at this point apart there will be many of them. Im guessing since they are ships, they will be able to move around too.

I would highly suggest watching the video below if interested. As always, id be very interested to hear what you think about 2.3.

- Commander creator: 8m:40s
- Camera suite: 41m:02s
- Dolphin: 53m:50s
- Megaships: 55m:45s

Decoding the Ancient ruins

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During the past weeks, many commanders have been trying to solve the ancient ruin puzzle. Due to bugs and lack of knowledge, it has left many commanders confused; even wondering if the puzzle could even be solved.

Since my last post on the sites on the matter, another 12 sites have been located. This brings the total up-to 17 sites. There could technically be more sites out there too, but I am unsure on that. Below is a list of the known sites so far (ill add cords of the last site when I know them);

  • SYNUEFE XR-H D11-102, Planet: A 1 B, Coordinates: -31.7347, 128.9212
  • IC 2391 SECTOR GW-V B2-4, Planet: B 1, Coordinates: -29.1, -30.51
  • IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101, Planet: C 3, Coordinates: 29.42, -59.54
  • SYNUEFE XO-P C22-17, Planet: C 1, Coordinates: 19.53, -141.76
  • SYNUEFE ZL-J D10-119, Planet: A 9 B, Coordinates: -23.3821, 178.9094
  • COL 173 Sector KY-Q D5-47, Planet: A 8 C, Coordinates: 16.2701, 18.1282
  • COL 173 Sector KY-Q D5-47, Planet: A 8 C, Coordinates: 46.07, -171.33
  • HIP 39768, Planet: A 14 F, Coordinates: 7.09, 170.2
  • SYNUEFE TP-F B44-0, Planet: CD 1, Coordinates: 59.33, 15.1
  • SYNUEFE TP-F B44-0, Planet: CD 1, Coordinates: 31.96, -99.97
  • SYNUEFE TP-F B44-0, Planet: CD 1, Coordinates: 31.88, -100.05
  • COL 173 SECTOR KY-Q D5-47, Planet: A 9 A, Coordinates: -15.08, -102.99
  • SYNUEFE NL-N C23-4, Planet: B 3, Coordinates: -30.54, -24.2
  • COL 173 SECTOR KY-Q D5-47, Planet: A 9 A, Coordinates: -37.5256, 84.2501
  • COL 173 SECTOR LY-Q D5-13, Planet: AB 9 A, Coordinates: 39.71, 48.24
  • COL 173 SECTOR LY-Q D5-13, Planet: AB 9 B, Coordinates: 21.93, 154.21
  • SYNUEFE LY-I B42-2, Planet: C 2, Coordinates: 0, 0

The ruin sites seem to be based on one of the three different designs; a hexagon shape, a large chasm or one large site;

News picture 164

News picture 175

News picture 178

For quite awhile many commanders have wondered if the puzzle is even solvable. Yesterday on twitter Hironichu posted a picture of the mission being completed (seen here). One thing to note from the picture, is that the reward money seems to be 201 million, as in 101 items to be found and a bonus of 100 million for all. I am not sure how turning in the mission multi-able times effect things. However if you check Ram Tah's messages you will notice there are;

  • 20 x Technology items,
  • 21 x History items,
  • 20 x Cultural items,
  • 19 x Biology items,
  • 21 x Language items,

I have been trying to cover each ruin site with a video, but with so many sites being found it wont be possible to cover each one within a reasonable time. Ram Tah is now able to detect the sites from 1,000Ls (something I believed should of been from the start), making the process of locating a site much easier. If you havent been following the ruins at all, you may find this news post very useful.

To solve the puzzles commanders have been creating maps and guides. These include the following;

Anyway, hopefully thats helped you on the way to solving the ruins.

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