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Tuesday 31st March, 2020 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
For the past week or so ive been working on the ablity to add engineered modules to the Elite Dangerous ship section. Originally I thought it might take a day or two but keep pushing it back - thinking ill do that later (you know what its like). Anyway, I finally got around to it, and you can now add engineered ship modules to the ship section. The share-link and ship builds have also been updated; so you can share your builds (with engineered modules) with others. You can also update any existing builds to include engineered modules. I think the stats are all correct but if you do notice something wrong, please let me know. I hope it helps;

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September Update out now

Friday 20th September, 2019 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
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A couple of days ago, a new update rolled out for Elite Dangerous; entitled the September update. In this update we see 3 main things;

The first being a new starter experience - in the form of a fully voiced tutorial by the instructor Theo Arcosta. The tutorial explains the basics of the game including; basic flight controls, navigation, hyperspace travel and docking. This is a nice feature and should help new commanders get into the game. I do feel Elite can be very confusing for new commanders, and this should really help. I think Frontier should of gave us multi-able commanders saves, as they only way I can test the beginning of the game again is to either wipe my save (and loose all my progress), or buy another account. I would have probably created a video explaining the start of the game otherwise.

The second feature - a new livery system (ship appearance), allows you to change the appearance of your ship in the main menu. So no longer do you need to be docked at an station to change it. This will be welcomed news for any deep explorer, where there are no near-by stations. I feel this feature might be used by some, but isnt that required. I guess it depends how much you use the livery system.

And finally the third change - ARX. In the past the only way to get new paint-jobs, ship kits, bobbleheads etc. was to pay for them in the store, with real money. Instead, now commanders will will use in-game Virtual Currency called ARX. ARX can be either brought in the store (for real money), or earn in-game (up-to a maximum of 400 ARX a week);

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This means commanders can now buy paint-jobs, ship kits, bobbleheads etc. without using real money. This is surely good news to some commanders, who have wanted certain items from the store, but didnt want to spend real money.

I am not a fan of the store but understand it supports the game. I do find it somewhat frustrating owning the Life Time Pass (LTP) but having to buy cosmetic items too. Originally the LTP was for a bunch of expansions, which seems unlikely now. I dont really understand what the Life Time Pass was for.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts or comments, please leave them below.

Ship build section back

Sunday 28th April, 2019 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 3 comments ·
For the past few days ive been working on the Elite dangerous ship section. I wanted to improve the design, as I felt it could be better. I will keep improving the design, as I feel it could be tweaked more.

The other thing ive been working on is the ship build section. In the past ship-builds used a single code to equip a ship (weapons, utility, sub-systems and internal compartments). Later on I added a second code for power priory (ie. 1, 2, 3, 4). This worked fine for awhile until the April update were every ship received a extra one or two internal compartments. This meant every build on the site wouldnt align; the extra compartments made the code longer at the start (as didnt expect extra internal compartments on ships). So what ive done now is to split the equipment code into four, and each section has the power priory within. This means in the future if extra spaces are added to ships, it wont effect the other sections. If extra compartments are added in the future (like the April update), I could add the new compartments to the relevant code (at the end), then re-order item on the ship page (so if say a class 4 slot was added, it would go at the end, but re-order the class 4 slot on the ship pages). This would allow me to add extra compartments (if required), unlike my previous method ( extra compartments affected the whole code).

Anyway, hopefully that explains the recent changes and why I had to delete the existing ship builds. Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions. many thanks,

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