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Monday 31st July, 2017 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 2 comments ·
Over the past few days ive been working a ship comparison section - making it easier to compare ships in Elite: Dangerous. Sometimes its nice to compare ships side-by-side. Hopefully the new section will allow you to do that and be useful. The ship comparison section can be found by either clicking the picture below or by a link on the ship page. I have also added the ability to share your comparison with others via a share-link. Hope it helps;

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New alien mission from Professor Palin

Saturday 22nd July, 2017 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 2 comments ·
Just a quick heads-up; it appears that Professor Palin is offering a new alien mission to complete. To get the mission you will need to dock at Obsidian Orbital in Maia. After docking at the station you should get new message in your inbox. If not, try leaving the system and re-dock at the station.

The mission itself requires you to collect 4 unknown technology samples. These can be found at the Active Unknown Structures (found here), but before you head-out make sure you have a Corrosion Resistant Cargo Rack (Professor Palin sells those) and UA / UP or UL. You can find one of those at HIP 17694, planet: B 7 F, coordinates: 17.9523, -96.7690. When you get close enough you should see Unknown XXX on scanner.

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There is also a forum post on the new mission which can be found here.

35+ alien sites now discovered

Saturday 1st July, 2017 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
A little ago, a new type of alien site was discovered. This site was absolutely huge and featured savager drones and a tunnel network. The tunnels could be accessed by having a unknown probe in your SRV cargo bay. However after opening the tunnels, we found that they had caved-in. This made it impossible to explore the further.

Very quickly more sites were discovered, many of them had tunnels which hadn't caved-in. So commanders started to explore the interior. This lead to the discovery of an unknown machine. This machine seem to want 3 things to be activated; an unknown probe, link and artifact. Below is my video checking out the unknown machine at the 9th site;

After putting in the items into the correct places, the machine would display some kind-of map?;

News picture 213

At the time I only 9 sites had been found, but this hasnt stopped the community finding more sites. Over 35 sites have now been found! The list had grown so large, that Cannon (the research group looking into the alien sites) has created a spreadsheet listing the sites. The spreadsheet can be found here.

It has also been found that putting in Ancient (Guardian) items into the machine will cause the machine to act very violently.

The reason why so many sites are being found, is that the Unknown link can be used to locate these sites. This can be done by playing back the audio files given by the unknown machine after activating it. ObsidianAnt has created a video explaining the process below;

So whats your thoughts on this, are too many sites being found? do you believe these structures are buildings or ships? Do you believe the guardian technology is good or bad? Ill be interested to hear what you think on this.

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