Below is a list of known wares found in the Elite: Dangerous universe.

Fliter by name
Name Type
Chemical Drugs Chemicals
Explosives Chemicals
Hydrogen Fuel Chemicals
Hydrogen Peroxide Chemicals
Liquid Oxygen Chemicals
Mineral Oil Chemicals
Nerve Agents Chemicals
Pesticides Chemicals
Surface Stabilisers Chemicals
Synthetic Reagents Chemicals
Water Chemicals
Tritium Chemicals
Clothing Consumer items
Consumer Technology Consumer items
Domestic Appliances Consumer items
Evacuation Shelter Consumer items
Survival Equipment Consumer items
Narcotics Drugs
Beer Drugs
Bootleg Liquor Drugs
Liquor Drugs
Tobacco Drugs
Wine Drugs
Algae Foods
Animal Meat Foods
Coffee Foods
Fish Foods
Food Cartridges Foods
Fruit and Vegetables Foods
Grain Foods
Synthetic Meat Foods
Tea Foods
Ceramic Composites Industrial materials
CMM Composite Industrial materials
Insulating Membrane Industrial materials
Meta-Alloys Industrial materials
Polymers Industrial materials
Semiconductors Industrial materials
Superconductors Industrial materials
Articulation Motors Machinery
Atmospheric extractors Machinery
Atmospheric Processors Machinery
Building Fabricators Machinery
Crop Harvesters Machinery
Emergency Power Cells Machinery
Energy Grid Assembly Machinery
Exhaust Manifold Machinery
Geological Equipment Machinery
Heatsink Interlink Machinery
HN Shock Mount Machinery
Ion Distributor Machinery
Magnetic Emitter Coil Machinery
Marine Equipment Machinery
Micro-Weave Cooling Hoses Machinery
Microbial Furnaces Machinery
Mineral Extractors Machinery
Modular Terminals Machinery
Power Converter Machinery
Power Generators Machinery
Power Transfer Bus Machinery
Radiation Baffle Machinery
Reinforced Mounting Plate Machinery
Skimer Components Machinery
Telemetry Suite Machinery
Thermal Cooling Units Machinery
Water Purifiers Machinery
Advanced Medicines Medicines
Agri-Medicines Medicines
Basic Medicines Medicines
Combat Stabilisers Medicines
Performance Enhancers Medicines
Progenitor Cells Medicines
Aluminium Metals
Beryllium Metals
Bismuth Metals
Cobalt Metals
Copper Metals
Gallium Metals
Gold Metals
Indium Metals
Lanthanum Metals
Lithium Metals
Osmium Metals
Palladium Metals
Platinum Metals
Praseodymium Metals
Samarium Metals
Silver Metals
Tantalum Metals
Thallium Metals
Thorium Metals
Titanium Metals
Uranium Metals
Alexandrite Minerals
Bauxite Minerals
Benitoite Minerals
Bertrandite Minerals
Bromellite Minerals
Coltan Minerals
Cryolite Minerals
Gallite Minerals
Goslarite Minerals
Grandidierite Minerals
Indite Minerals
Jadeite Minerals
Lepidolite Minerals
Lithium Hydroxide Minerals
Low Temperature Diamonds Minerals
Methane Clathrate Minerals
Methanol Monohydrate Crystals Minerals
Moissanite Minerals
Monazite Minerals
Musgravite Minerals
Painite Minerals
Pyrophyllite Minerals
Rhodplumsite Minerals
Rutile Minerals
Serendibite Minerals
Taaffeite Minerals
Uraninite Minerals
Void Opals Minerals
AI Relics Salvage
Hafnium 178 Salvage
Sap 8 Core Container Salvage
Advanced Catalysers Technology
Animal Monitors Technology
Aquaponic Systems Technology
Auto Fabricators Technology
Bio-reducing Lichen Technology
Computer Components Technology
H.E. Suits Technology
Hardware Diagnostic Sensor Technology
Land Enrichment Systems Technology
Medical Diagnostic Equipment Technology
Micro Controllers Technology
Muon Imager Technology
Nanobreakers Technology
Resonating Separators Technology
Robotics Technology
Structural Regulators Technology
Conductive Fabrics Textiles
Leather Textiles
Military Grade Fabrics Textiles
Natural Fabrics Textiles
Neofabric Insulation Textiles
Synthetic Fabrics Textiles
Biowaste Waste
Chemical Waste Waste
Scrap Waste
Toxic Waste Waste
Slaves Slavery
Imperial Slaves Slavery
Battle Weapons Weapons
Landmines Weapons
Non-lethal Weapons Weapons
Personal Weapons Weapons
Reactive Armour Weapons