Fleet Carriers (Home)


Fleet carriers are giant capital ships that support services such as equipping ships, trading of goods, long distance traveling, building ships and more. They are owned by a single commander, and not by a squadron, group or friends.

They can not be destroyed with conventional weapons and will retaliate when attacked; similar to that of most stations when attacked. Newly brought carriers come with a bare-bones setup - additional modules can be brought to increase the functionally of the carrier.

A-side from the initial costs, carriers will have a weekly upkeep cost. This will vary depending on which modules have been installed and their state. Modules can be powered-down to reduce running costs. The upkeep cost will be taken on each server refresh - which usually happens on Thursdays.

Carriers can jump long distances between systems, with the use a new type of fuel called Tritium. This new fuel can be brought at starports, mined from surface/sub-surface deposits (icy asteroids) or donated by fellow commanders. This fuel is not required to power subsystems. Carriers can not jump to permit-locked systems, even if the owner has the permit for the system. When a carrier is ordered to jump to a new location, it will charge up the jumpdrive before executing the jump. When the ship arrives at its new location, it will also have a cooldown peroid before its ready to jump again.

If a commander is unable to afford the running cost of a carrier, the owner will have one week to come up with the money required. If after one week the commander is still unable to afford the costs, the ship will be decommissioned. When a carrier is in a decommissioned state a recovery crew will be dispatched, and the ship will be dismantled (no ships can land). The owner will receive a partial refund for the carrier. Any ships parked on the carrier by other commanders will be relocated to a safe place.

So far, there is only one style of Fleet carrier - the Drake-class carrier.

The Drake-class carrier

The Drake-class carrier is currently the only style of carrier available to purchase by any independent pilot. It is manufactured by the Brewer Corporation, and features 16 landing pads (4x small, 4x medium, 8x large). The ship features a cargo capacity of 25,000 units, which can be used to store cargo, modules or extra fuel. Tritium is stored in its 1,000 unit fuel tank, making it possible to travel roughly 1,500ly before refuelling.

A side-view of the Drake-class carrier