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On this page I am going to do something a bit different than I normally do - instead of posting news here, I am going to write my thoughts and comments about the game as play. The aim at the end will be writting a full review. I may create pages (such as the universe maps) to help me. Since I can see them being useful for other players, I thought it might be better to make them publicly available. This page will be updated over-time, and could be moved to another section. The main reason for doing this, is that I dont want to give the wrong impression to people; by creating content, ie. 'Roguey is creating some content, so I should buy the game'. By being honest on the front-page, you can be informed about my content. I hope that makes sense.

Based on 50 hours play-time:

Based on 11 hours play-time:

Well Ive had some more play-time on X4 over the past week or so, reaching 11 hours of play-time. Alittle awhile ago I traded the first ship for a Nova, and done some exploration of the map. Most of the money earned was through random missions, shooting mines, returning items, etc. - the rest was from collecting some few inventory items which sold up-to 150k each. The last thing I just did was claim a free Osprey Sentinel - a very big find so early in the game. It has shields, and just two dumbfire weapons - so it needs outfitting. Ive docked my Nova on it for the time-being.

I must admit; at first the game seemed like an updated Rebirth but after playing it for a bit, I can see things have changed a bit. The game has been growing on me. There is definitely a steep-learning curve which isnt helped with the UI (still think it needs redoing) and unusual control binds (which can take awhile to get how you want).

The game still needs polish;
  • The UI could do with a over-haul (still not a fan of it),
  • When docking your engine speed is limited but you can still use boost to move faster - this seem a bit wrong,
  • Boost-speeds are too high and eat through shields way too quickly - lower boost speed and reduce shield usage,
  • Not sure about combat still - im starting to look into this,
  • Not a big fan of radio-chatter - simply because there is too much of it,
  • Sound effects (engines, etc.) could be better,
  • Your shield/hull state could be clearer (I guess thats part of the UI),

However I still need to spend more time on the game before making a review, but it does seem to be a lot better than XR.

Based on 4 hours play-time:

Things liked (so far)

  • Being able to change ships,
  • Customizable ships and equipment,
  • Files seemed to be signed, making cheating harder,
  • Seem to be working for me only, but heard of others having problems,
  • Music,
  • I belive complex building is more customizable,
  • Stations are a better size than Rebirth's,

Things unsure of (so far)

  • Based on the X-Rebirth engine (uses similar XML files),
  • Zones seem have disappeared in-game, but are still used in the gamefiles,
  • Frame drops with a 1080Ti (in 4k, ultra),
  • Graphics seem okayish, not ground-breaking especially with how much resources being used,
  • No story line plot? (I belive there is one to unlock something,)
  • Something seems off with flight mechanics - fighting seem a bit whizzy,
  • Ship sound effects seem a bit hit 'n' miss,
  • Minor point: vulkan API means I cant see GPU stats in-game,
  • Boosting eats shield too quickly,

Things disliked (so far)

  • The GUI needs to be improved - so that it is easier to understand,
  • Docking is hard to understand at first (no auto-pilot at start?),
  • Lots of controls had to be rebinded to be able to control the ship (might be just me),
  • I feel that effort put into station interiors could of been put into other areas; whilst they arent bad - Egosoft are only a small team,
  • Maybe im just being dumb - but struggling to find missions and making profit from trading between stations,
  • No way to disable rumble on gamepad in the menus (found later by setting rumble to 0%),

As always I greatly welcome your comments too, just post them below - but please be fair and not abusive (otherwise id have to remove them);


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