Last updated: 14/2/2022 (v5.0)

Below is a list of shields in X4. Simply change the ship to see a list of all available shields for that ship.

Shields protect your ship from incoming damage from lasers, beams, missiles, etc. by absorbing the damage. After a set amount of damage, the shield will collapse. Once this happens any further damage will go directly to the hull of the ship. Given a set delay, the shield will start to recharge. Shields can also be used in turret-groups to protect the weapons from incoming damage. Shields come in different sizes: S, M, L and XL variant. You can only fit an M sized shield onto an M sized ship. However if you wish to see an L sized shield on an S sized ship, tick Show all available. You dont be able to do this in-game, but it maybe fun to see.

DLC colours: Base-game, DLC1: Split Vendetta, DLC2: Cradle of Humanity , DLC3: Tides of Avarice,

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