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Thursday 20th July, 2023 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 1 comments

During the past month, I have been moving the site to a new host. I didnt want to simply move the site, as I wanted to check each page too. The reason is that some of the pages are over 10 years old, which now contain broken links, missing content, old code or mismatched design. I recken the process would take a week or two, but I underestimated the amount of content - I guess over 19 years you do accumulate quite a lot of stuff. The process took around a month, instead of the week I thought it would take. It was something I needed to do, but kept putting off (ill do it later). The site should now have a more coherent feel, from X2 right through to X4, Elite sites. Some parts were more/less rebuilt such as the admin and forum sections. The admin section basically is a custom made cPanel. I wanted to include a picture below, because very few people will ever see it normally;

News picture 261

With regards to the new host, it is a VPS (a virtual private server). This means we have our own resources which are not shared with other sites. This also gives me a lot more control over things, as when/if I need to I can simply change setting rather than asking someone (to often get refused). However the VPS does technically have less resouces than before (ie. 2 cores vs Cool but the cores we have solely work for this site only. This means we cant be effected if another site decides to crash the server, fill all the memory, etc. So this should mean we should a have better up-time. I will be keeping an eye on resources, hopefully we have enough (I didnt want to waste money on resources we dont need).

I hope the VPS feels snapper for you (I heard in Europe its faster, and in the US about the same). I am keen to hear what you think of the new host, the updated design and the code changes. I am sure we will have some teething problems for the next few days, but hopefully nothing too big. This really is a big step for the site; having its own virtual private server. I hope the site helped you over the years, and will keep going for many years to come. Thank-you for your continued support!

Anyway, o7 cmders


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