My Projects

Below is a list of my projects that I have worked on. They range from pictures to software.

Bedroom sun tunnels Bedroom sun tunnels
Just after doing the upstairs project, we installed two sun-tunnels into the master bedroom.
Upstairs project 2016 The Upstairs project 2016
After 10 years, we decided to add another window or two. We had been talking about doing is for awhile now.
Web3d Web3D
In this section you can find my 3D web demos, using either WebGL or Three.js library.
Web2D Web2D
In this section you can find my 2D web demos, using plain HTML5 canvas.
Upstairs project 2005 The Upstairs project 2005
In this section you can see how we upgraded the 'upstairs' of our house. We converted the 'upstairs' into two areas: one for a computer, the other for a AV room for watching flims, playing games etc.
Quake2 Mod My Quake2 Mod
This was my first major mod that I ever wrote. The main aim of my Quake 2 mod was to add a AI Robot that can either fight against you or with you in either coop, ctf or team deathmatch. However over time, I added a host of other features to it.
My old Web-sites
This website wasn't my first ever site, but my most advanced using php and mysql. My earliest sites used plain html, which could not change. I wanted to make dynamic web pages but it was very confusing at first. It took around my 3 or 4 website to start using php and mysql. This site was called C&C: Ammo, which was hosted on PlanetCnC. C&C: Ammo got my most ever visitors reaching over 1,000 visitors a day. However the site got shut down by PlanetCnC, so I wanted to create a more 'personal' site. This site being the result.