My Web3D projects

On this page you can see a list of my 3D web projects, using either WebGL and/or the Three.js library;

Web3d Basic Cube
In my first tempt, I try to do something very simple - make a spinning textured cube without any extra libraries. Whilst it may not look all that great, it tests to see if its possible to do. There's no point learning lots about web graphics, if its not possible.

Web3d Fire
After much research, I came across a 3D library called Three.js. This library makes web graphics much easier, by providing an interface between me and WebGL. This was my first tempt using the library, using 750 sprites. The interface is a little similar to that of the C#/XNA I was learning.

Web3d Snow
The snow effect is my second tempt with the Three.js library. Whilst it may look very different, it borrows much of the code from the fire demo, but with change to the sprites and a skybox. Sprites now travel in the opposite direction, smaller and are more spaced-out. Once again 750 sprites are used, with the Three.js library. Like the fire demo, sprites are rendered in 3D cords.