The upstairs project 2005 (Index)


This whole project was mainly about upgrading the whole house, however the "upstairs" has really became its own project due to the complex of the room.

The upstairs was in need of major upgrading and repair has it was all done on the quick side of things when the house was built around 20 years ago. At the time the use of the 'upstairs' was thought to be low, however that was soon found to be wrong. The past couple of years it has been used for a home cinema system, pc and music listening, so it has to be scaled to cope with all this happening in it.

Below is an diagram showing the plan of the upstairs with the sizes and how the areas are split up. Area 1 containing all the AV equipment whist area 2 will be more like an study area with a computer, printer, books etc.

During the start of doing the upstairs, I created an design of what the upstairs project should look like after all the work is done. Below you can see an picture of the design.

Now its time to see the work being done onwards to Page 1.

design look

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