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So now the upstairs project has been completed, mum decided that she wanted a couple of sun-tunnels installed into the master bedroom. The master bedroom has always been dark, this is due to the position of the window (facing away from the sun) also being obstructed by some large trees (out of the front of the property). The idea is to install two Velux sun-tunnels that will bring light directly from the roof into the room. This should greatly improve the amount of light in the room. Its hard to show you in a picture exactly because you have to use a flash to compensate for the lack of light; otherwise you will just see a dark picture which isnt useful. Anyway this is how things looked prior to work;

How things looked before any work

For the actual sun-tunnels, we decided on using two Velux TWF 0k14 2010, which using a 14" flexible pipe. Ideally we would of installed the ridge version - which would allow more light into the room. However due to the location, we may not been able to install rigid tunnels. We are installing two sun tunnels (either side) onto the smaller roof that intersects the main roof, as shown below;

How things looked before any work

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