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Having problems

So the first thing was to order the sun-tunnels themselves. We ordered them and picked them up on 20th August 2016 (a Saturday). Dad had a long weekend coming up; the Friday was a special closure day and Monday was an bank holiday. So this should mean we will have four clear days to install the tunnels, even if only can install exterior section; then at-least this will make the roof water-tight.

So the first thing do is to create an opening on the roof. Its kind-of similar to that of the Velux windows, but with a smaller opening. It will be harder in some-ways because have you either be on the roof or in a small crawl space. After a few hours we managed to get an opening ready;

Making a hole for the first sun tunnel

However for a couple of days we had major problems installing the sun-tunnels. When ordering the sun-tunnels there are two flex-able tunnels; slate or tile. The slate version says its for slate up-to 8mm, whilst the tile version for tiles up-to 120mm in profile. We have plain tiles, so gather we would need the tile version. However when placing on the roof, the sun-tunnel would sit too high and raise the tiles either-side. So on Sunday we had to basically remove everything we did on Friday and Saturday;

Starting again with the sun-tunnel

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