Lee's Mod (Quake 2)


Lee's MOD is an Quake 2 mod I wrote many years ago where its main function was to supply a bot for deathmatch. When developing the project, I got the bot able to play more types of games including Team-deathmatch (by male/female/cyborg) and Capture the flag.

After a bit of work with the bots, I added in some more extra improvements to the Quake 2 engine. Theses included an Darkmatch option (where the level is dark and you use torches to see around, and you can see other torches), Deathcam (a cam which follows your attacker), Acceleration and Deceleration of objects for smoother gameplay (ie. fans speed up and down rather than instant movement), monsters bleed and slowly heal, a new weapon - proximity grenade and fixed the randomizer (has Quake 2 did some similar things every time a map was started).

By the end of the project I started work on MBM (Mission Based Multi player) this was like assault mode in Unreal Tournament but for Quake 2. I also did an option where you could turn all the weapons on a level to a certain one (rocket/bfg etc. arena) or completely random weapons on level load or every spawn.

The project was never really 100% completed, but is fairly complete. The mod was hosted on PlanetQuake but is no longer.

Features of this mod

Below is some of the main features high-lighted:

  • Intelligent Bots (coop, deathmatch, teamplay and ctf)!!!
  • You can drop all the weapons you are carrying when killed, unless you are using the blaster,
  • Name of weapon displayed when changing weapons,
  • Bot teleport control (coop only)
  • Deathcam: follows the person or monster who killed you (using a mix of different cameras),
  • Acceleration and Deceleration of moving things like fans etc. (func_rotate),
  • HUD fixed (bug that health went less than 0),
  • Monsters bleed when thier health is lower than 50% and monsters will heal up to 60% of full health slowly
  • New weapon proximity grenades,
  • New game-play mode: DARKMATCH (lights are off, but you carry a torch),
  • Support for view weapons,
  • Support for CTF (including bots),
  • Game Randomizer changes,
  • New game launcher
  • Midi support (levels can now have background music),


Here is some picture from my Quake 2 mod:

Quake 2 picture #6 Quake 2 picture #5 Quake 2 picture #2 Quake 2 picture #1

How to install

Make sure you have Quake 2 installed with the last patch installed for maximum compatibility, then download the zip and unzip the files to your Quake2 folder. The files should be located in Quake2\lee folder.



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