About the mod

The aim of this mod is not to dramatically change X3 but to add new, missing and fix features from the original X3 game. This mod should not affect the original game-play too much, keeping the whole X3 galaxy very similar to the original. In many ways you could call this mod a bonus mod for X3. The mod should work with existing normal games however to enjoy the mod fully, an restarted game is best.

Features of this mod

New Ships by PJM, Killertide, Crip67 and =DC=Shadow
Thanks to PJM, Killertide, Crip67 and =DC=Shadow for designing and modelling new ships. The new ships range from M0 to M5.

Tender Ships by PJM
All races offer a tender class ship called the Resource Transporter. The tender class ships are designed to load and unload capital ships. Now loading up your capital ship is much easier and quicker. Thanks to PJM for the tender class ships.

New M0 Range
You can now find 3 M0 class ships: Argon Goliath, Khaak Unknown Enemy and the Xenon V.

New M6+ Range
The new M6+ range brings life back to the M6 class of ships. When Egosoft created the M7, the M6 range lost most of the usefulness it had. The M6+ range features increased weaponry, shielding and at least one docking slot for any fighter. The M6+ range behaves much the same as the M6 range, found in X2. All M6+ ships can only be brought at one shipyard.

Many returning X2 Ships
Many of the older X2 ships are roaming around in space and can be bought at shipyards. All X2 ships have been adjusted to fit into X3, allowing them to be useful ships. You can find many X2 ships ranging from M3s to M6s.

The Auto Hull Repair System
The auto hull repair system works on any ship which can carry XL cargo space. It will slowly repair a ships hull to 100% when the shields are 100%. You can carry many units, however only one per ship will work. The Auto Hull repair system now features working noise and works every 15 seconds.

Removed spam stories from BBS
All the useless stories from the BBS have been removed. When you now check the BBS, you wont have to wade though many non-relevant stories. A new news ticker replaces the old news. Thanks to mossfoot for writing some of the new stories, coding by Roguey.

Random Claimable ships
The random claimable ship generator will create random ships which you can claim anywhere in the X3 universe. These ships have random hull percentages and sometimes come fully equipped. The generator can pick from a list of over 50 ships including M7s, M6s, M3s and more.

Salvage Claim Software (thanks to Cycrow)
The Salvage Claim Software allows you to claim any ship from 2km. Unlike the Egosoft version (System over-ride software) the salvage claim software is not illegal and can claim any abandoned ship. Only pirate bases sell this upgrade.

New missions and quests on the BBS
The mod adds more missions and events to X3. Some missions are just simple requests, whist other being complex tasks.

More life to the universe
The universe has got much less boring with so much more happening. There are more fights from pirates, Khaak and Xenon. You can turn off most of these attacks if you want a quieter universe.

Changes and improved effect weapons
Many weapons have been modified to either, de-spam X3 (speed up X3) or to improve them.

New start positions
In the mod there are various new start positions including the pirate start and the Khaak start (a big thanks to Jacer for his help and time with the start).

The pirate start position allows you to start the game as pirate. You must build up your cash however as you see fit. With the new pirate shipyards and EQ docks you can upgrade your ship as a Pirate.

You also can start has a Khaak. The Khaak start position allows you to be a full member of the Khaak race, building ships, landing on Khaak stations, trading with Khaak etc. You start as the enemy of all the other races!

New shields classes
Some new shield sizes are available including the 500MJ, 800MJ and the Military shield class. The military class shield recharge at double the rate of normal shields. The military shields are available in 5MJ, 10MJ and 75MJ sizes. Some ships can mix military shields with normal shields.

Graphical changes
There have been many graphical changes to X3, there are:
  • Lots of new planets,
  • Boron ships and stations are now in a nice soft blue.
  • Each PSG weapon has a unique texture,
  • The fog effect has been lowered, as in some sectors it was too much.
  • Missiles have different coloured smoke trails,
  • PAC no longer lights the whole ship up,
  • Added to M1/2/3/4/5/6 explosion,
  • New M7 explosion,
  • All Xenon ships have a red engine glow,
  • All pirate ships have a purple engine glow,
  • All Khaak ships have unique engine exhaust,
  • All M6/M6+ ships have a race coloured, shorten particles trails,
  • Removed mini-asteroids (massive speed increase in some sectors),
  • Restored suns and adjusted sector sun colours (X2 like - only in restarted games),
  • Easy read BBS,
  • Changed Pirate ship colouring,
  • Each weapon has a unique colour now,

Sound changes
There have been some minor sound changes including reduced Ion noise, new PPC noise and some major speech improvements/fixes. Even the Xenon LX is spoken now!

General game speed ups
There have been many game speed ups to make X3 run much faster. This includes a reduced amount of civilian ships, weapons changes and some other minor things. PPCs weapons do not make as much spam but do roughly do the same damage. The effect of this is that when two capital ships are fighting each other, X3 will not slow down as much, making X3 more playable and fun.

New sectors
There are over 71+ new sectors to explore (restarted games only), including:
  • 5 More Argon sectors,
  • 2 More Goner sectors,
  • 3 More Split sectors,
  • 14 new pirate sectors.
  • 6 new Khaak sectors,
  • 4 More Terran sectors,
  • 5 More Yaki sectors,
  • 13 More Xenon sectors,
  • 3 sectors for empire building.
  • Battlegrounds sector,
  • Hideaway sector,
  • 3 buyable sectors,
  • Sigma, Kappa and Theta,2 TerraCorp sectors,

And many more!

Nearly all new sectors use music which was unused by X3. The new sectors are only available to players who have restarted with this mod installed. This is because the way Egosoft coded X3. Any purchasable sectors will work; but could be bare / empty.

Notoriety values changed
All notoriety values for ships have changed. Now a new range of ships is unlocked per rank. In a normal X3 game 2 or more types of ships could be unlocked per rank whist some ranks would unlock nothing.

EMP Support
Now there is 99.9% EMP support, the auto hull uses the slot: SS_WARE_SW_CUSTOM1_1.

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