Frequently asked questions

Does v3.0+ need a restart?
You may need to restart. Please backup your X3 folder, then upgrade to v3.2 and your save game. If the game loads, then you should fine however if X3 says the save game corrupt then either restore your backup of X3, or start a new game with v3.1 (best option).

Does v3.00/v3.1 require X3 2.5?
Well I'm not sure if the mod requires v2.5 of X3, however v3.0, v3.1 and v3.2 have been designed for v2.5 X3. So please update your X3 to v2.5 then install the mod.

I'm using v2.08 (or older) of the mod, do I need to restart for v3.1?
If you are running an old version (v2.08 or older), the mod may have problems loading in existing games. If you do have problems and decide to restart with either v3.3/4, then you will gain a lot more benefits: many new sectors to explore.

Nothing looks different / guns not working / view-point has not corrected etc.
If you play this mod with an existing game, you may need to jump to a sector (only once). X3 will load in settings from the mod and everything should work fine,

Will this modification work with another?
Some smaller modifications may work, however most modifications will not. So many things have changed there is bound to be a clash. Running the mod with another may lead to crashing, bugs and more. Only do this if you really know what your doing.

My ship turret wont fire, what's wrong?
If you have just installed the mod then loaded an existing game, you may need to move sectors so X3 can load the new updated scene data, after which everything should be okay.

When firing a missile for the first time, the trails/glow looks in the wrong place!
This happens because X3 hasn't loaded scene file for that missile type. After the first missile launch, it should correct.

When buying a ship, X3 tells me on the fighter screen it comes with a shield but it doesn't!
This is a bug in X3 coding. X3 doesn't check which shield is compatible on the fighter screen. This is a hard coded bug in X3; there is nothing I can do to fix this.

I want to remove the mod from an existing game, but it crashes after - why?
This could be caused by many things - often a ship which doesn't exist without the mod. Either load a save before the mod was installed or install the mod again.

AL plug-ins, what are they? And how do I use them?
An AL plug-ins is a script which you can toggle on and off inside the game. To toggle them simply go to your options, game-play then Artificial Life settings.

How do fit Terran weapons to Terran ships?
The only way to fit Terran weapons is on the HUD. This is because of X3 coding.

I wish to join another mod with yours!
If you wish to join another mod with this one, please contact on my forum or email.

I cant select a new Khaak sector, is something wrong?
This is another hard-coded bug in X3, nothing I can do about this. However you can click on the sector with the mouse to select it.

How do get rid of the mini-asteroids?
See the mini-mod folder. Be sure to install the mini-mod before starting a new game.

How do I use one of the new start positions?
When starting X3, on the main menu, select new game. On the new game screen, scroll down to custom game. In there you should see a list of custom starts, ie. Pirate, Station etc.

How does the auto hull repair system work?
Simply buy one. When you next get hull damage and your shields are up to 100%, the auto-hull repair will start working. The auto hull repair system will work for all your ships (including UT's). You will hear some noise when its actually working.

Terran ships are list as red at the shipyard, how do I buy?
You will need to boost your rating with the Terran's. Try looking for the incoming ship mission on the BBS (but not in The Sol System),

How Terran ships are still listed as Unknown ship when using the Terran start, why?
This is another hard-coded problem with X3. You will need to buy the Terran specifications via the BBS. There is no other way.

Is it ok to rip/ remove/edit/delete/add/use part(s) from this mod?
A: No. A lot of time has been spent on this mod from creating to testing. No parts of any other mod(s) are contained in this mod (apart from EMP - which is to help support the community). I would hope to get the same respect. All ships, stations, graphical changes etc. should only be found in this mod and never on a web site or in another mod. No one has permission to rip/remove/edit/delete/add/use, any part(s) from this mod.

Can I make XSP(s) from this mod?
No, None of the ships in is mod are allowed to be exported into XSP. If the author wants his/her ship in XSP form, then contact them. I often feel this degrades all our work to put the mod together.

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