Graphical improvements

In the mod you will find a number of Graphical improvements, here is just a few of them:

New planets and backgrounds

There are now more new planets and backgrounds to explore, some for old sector and some for new sectors. They range from bizarre to strange. Here's how Battlegrounds looks:

The Battleground sector

Improved explosion effects

Many of the explosion effects have been added to or upgraded (ships and missiles). M7's and Khaak ships have their own explosion effects.

Improved explosion effect

Coloured weapon variants

It is now possible to tell between a alpha PAC or a Beta PAC has each have a unique colour. See below:

Coloured weapon variants

New and improved missile trails

After the introduction of coloured missile trails in v2.00, I have improved them even more in v3.00. Missiles effects are even better with new/improved tails and glow effects (thanks to Crip67 for the idea). Missiles are lot easier to see than a normal X3 game.

New and improved missile trails

New engine effects

Each race (Pirates, Yaki, Xenon and Khaak) has a unique engine effect. The pirates have a purple trail, the Yaki a long yellow one, the Xenon have a red one the khaak a purple trail. This makes them easily to see and makes them look better.

Coloured weapon variants

Boron colour changes

Boron's now fly blue ships - not green! The blue is much easier to look at and suits the Boron's more. I have also changed their stations have this colouring as well.

A Boron m6 in blue

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