How to install the mod

To install the mod you will need the following:
  • X3 (version 2.5),
  • Decompression tool for zip files,

Download the mod and double click on the file. You should see this:

Opening the file

Click on the Extract To button (high-lighted) and another screen should appear. The screen will look something like this:

Extracting the contents

Correct the destination path to your X3 folder (as shown) then click on Ok. WinRAR should start extracting the files into your X3 folder. Now you need to tell X3 to load this mod. You only have to do this once, not every-time you start X3. Load X3 and your see a screen like this:

X3 startup screen

Click on Select Mod package (high-lighted). Another menu should appear, like this:

Select mod package

Click on Roguey X3 v3, then click on Ok. Now play X3 as normal :)

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