About this mod

The aim of this mod is to change the universe to how I want it to be, so less instant kills and more balance. However that isnt the only goal of the mod; a new universe to explore. For so many years, the X-Universe has seen very little change; sure - we seen a few new sectors here and there, but nothing major. This meant experienced players had little to explore (because they knew where everything was).

Summary of mod

  • 49 new/returning ships from my X3 Mod (including M0 variants),
  • New universe to explore (using new planets, suns and backgrounds), based on a clustered idea (317 sectors large),
  • A complete rebalance of all lasers, missiles and shields (linked to the ship class (see excel file)),
  • Complexes use my X3 HUB that allows capital ships to dock on them,
  • Many ships now use animated turret rather than a fixed model,
  • Greatly expanded shield types (featuring standard, XL and military variants),
  • New stations and factories (such as ones for the new shields),
  • Terran's also have their own shield factories,
  • Changed model of Lasertowers, SQUASH mines and fighter-drones,
  • Added Resource transporters (M3's with TS stats - for loading up TL ships without drones),
  • Khaak return (including a start position, so the player can be a Khaak),
  • TerraCorp, Goners and Yaki use their own custom ships rather than 'borrowing' other races,
  • Rebuilt job file in the hopes to add more life,
  • Changed / add engine effects on a few ships,
  • Terran's now use Fuel-Cells instead of Energy-Cells to make them more independent,
  • Weapon muzzle flashes (which make it easier to see what a ship is firing),
  • The return of the Auto-hull repair system, random events and random attack AL scripts,
  • Included my smaller mod for better rewards (such as free-ships) when visiting UFJD areas,