Phased Array Laser Cannon

Laser picture
A deadly weapon found on most corvettes, destroyers and carriers. This is a weapon used for fighter defence. The Phased Array Laser Cannon uses an array of quickly-positionable mirrors to rapidly concentrate energy into a cohesive laser beam. The speed with which new targets can be engaged makes this an effective anti-fighter weapon. This enviable ability comes at the cost of doing less damage than similar beam weapons.

Price 622,080 credits (10,000 notoriety points)
Cargo-bay 32 (L sized)
Shield damage 3,969 per hit 567,000 per min
Hull damage 2,970 per hit 424,286 per min
Energy Usage 117 per hit 16,714 per min
Rounds per min 143
Range 6.4 km (2.5 secs)
Projectile speed 2,561 ms

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