Photon Pulse Cannon

Laser picture
A deadly weapon found on frigates, destroyers and carriers. First developed by Professor Jo Bydnah of the Argon, the Photon Pulse Cannon became a favourite of the argon Military, who then sold the original designs on to the other races. This type of weapon is extremely powerful, and can only be fitted on the larger Capital craft. It works by sending highly charged photon radiation through a series of coils, that multiplies the charge, creating a very deadly pulse of radiation.

Price 829,440 credits (3,333 notoriety points)
Cargo-bay 100 (XL sized)
Shield damage 63,778 per hit 2,793,197 per min
Hull damage 11,340 per hit 496,642 per min
Energy Usage 1,152 per hit 50,453 per min
Rounds per min 44
Range 6.5 km (16.5 secs)
Projectile speed 395 ms

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