Gauss Cannon

Laser picture
A deadly weapon found on frigates, destroyers and carriers. The Teladi designed this ammo-based low-tech solution in a bid to save money on expensive capital ship energy generators. The Gauss Cannon uses magnetic coils to accelerate large ionised metallic slugs that, while too big to pass through them, will disrupt enemy shields. This weapon requires specially-made ammunition in order to fire.

Price 660,096 credits (10,000 notoriety points)
Cargo-bay 55 (XL sized)
Shield damage 59,500 per hit 2,975,000 per min
Hull damage 10,000 per hit 500,000 per min
Energy Usage 86 per hit 4,300 per min
Rounds per min 50
Range 5.0 km (12.0 secs)
Projectile speed 415 ms

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