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Star-Citizen » Arena commander 1.0 · Comment 0 comments Star-Citizen icon
Over at the Chris Roberts Industries, a major update has been released for Arena commander, version 1.0. Version 1.0 contains the lobby system, ship signature system, updated physics and more flyable ships/upgrades. So if your into your deathmatch space-sims, it should be worth a look; ... » read more.

Gaming » PC » Steam 2014 Christmas sale started · Comment 0 comments Gaming » PC icon
Today Steam have started their 2014 Christmas sale. The Christmas sale is usually the best time to pick-up some games, due to large discounts. The featured section is usually the best deals. Voting for the moment is delayed tomorrow, where a vote will reward you with a single Holiday Trading Card. I dont know if this will change to 3 votes per card, but its possible. ... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Official release · Comment 1 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
Today marks the official launch of Elite & Dangerous (version 1.0). I do hope the servers will remain working - has in the past other online servers do struggle on the first couple of days. For those already been playing the Alpha/Beta/Gamma releases you maybe somewhat disappointed in the changes from Gamma 2.07 to version 1.0; - Prevent missions softlocks when switch... » read more.

Gaming » PC » Steam auction started (13-18th Dec) · Comment 0 comments Gaming » PC icon
Today Steam have started a new Christmas event - Holiday auction. The idea behind this is to turn unwanted community items (such as trading-cards, backgrounds, emoticons etc.) into gems. The gems then can be used to bid on certain games. However.. before you get too excited, the average trading-card is worth around 15-20 gems and backgrounds/emoticons around 60-100 (wel... » read more.

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