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Elite: Dangerous » Titan Black Prototypes in stock · Comment 0 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
Frontier have just started Scavenger Hunt where you could win a GeForce Titan Black. Sounds good eh? Well.. at one mystery station Titan Black prototypes will be sold. What you must do is to buy one (which will look like a rare good), then transport to Godel Ring and sell. However Frontier have decided that you must be in open to qualify. So be warned, if you are very l... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Trade-helper tweaks · Comment 1 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
In the past you may of noticed that I had a few problems with the trade-helper. After re-coding the trade-helper I have been cautious of increasing the data lifetime (encase it causes more problems again). Whilst playing Elite I noticed how little the ware prices change - ive returned to old trading-routes after days / weeks and they seem unchanged. I honestly thought ... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » The race to Elite is over · Comment 1 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
A few days ago Frontier officially announced the winners of the Race to Elite competition. The first 3 people to reach a Elite in each category wins £1,000 (US $1489), whilst the person who reaches a Elite in all three wins £10,0000 (US $14885). To enter into the competition you had to start playing on release day. David Braben has taken to youtube to announce the win... » read more.

Main site / web » RSS removal · Comment 0 comments Main site / web icon
This is a quick heads up that the RSS feed wont be updated. The RSS feed was originaly created to post news onto Facebook (via an App, that checked at regular times to see if its changed). The old way could take upto 6/8 hours for news to reach the facebook wall, now its instant. ... » read more.

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