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Elite: Dangerous icon Elite: Dangerous » Improvements to Where to buy EQ/Ships · Comment 0 comments
Today ive done some improvements to the Where to buy equipment and ships. In the past the two sections where limited up-to 16ly. The code struggled some-what and meant the list werent as populated as they should of been. Now with some database changes, it should make the process much better. Both sections will have default range of 75ly - a huge increase from 16ly. You should also find that th...
» read more.        

Elite: Dangerous » Powerplay rewards · Comment 0 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon It has been a month since the release of power-play, meaning that commanders are now unlocking their special rewards, from weapons to shields. So I will keeping an eye out for... » read more.

Batman: Arkham Knight » Developer suspend PC sales · Comment 2 comments
Batman: Arkham Knight icon Just a couple of days ago, the new Batman: Arkham Knight was released. However instead of joy, many fans found choppy frame-rates (even on high-end equipment such as the Titan... » read more.

Guild Wars 2 » Pricing on HoT causes problems · Comment 0 comments
Guild Wars 2 icon Just recently Arena-Net announced pricing on their new addon: Heart of Thorns. Shocked at first, Arena-Net are asking £35 for the basic, £60 for the deluxe and £80 for thei... » read more.

Gaming » PC » The end of the summer sale · Comment 0 comments
Gaming » PC icon Today marks the final couple of days of the Steam Summer Sale 2015. Hopefully you managed to get the games you were after, but if you missed something not all is feared. Steam... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » 25% off in the Steam sales · Comment 1 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon Just a quick post to let you know that Elite: Dangerous is currently on a 25% discount on Steam. It will be discounted for 2 days. So if you been wondering whether to buy or n... » read more.

Gaming » PC » Steam summer sale has started · Comment 0 comments
Gaming » PC icon Today marks the first day of the Steam summer sale (2015). I am sure many of you have been waiting for the sales - looking to pick-up a few games on the cheap. As normal, ther... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Powerplay released · Comment 1 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon Today Frontier have released v1.3 which includes 3 more ships, reworked missions and the powerplay update. Lets start with the 3 ships. In v1.3 you will find 3 more ships,... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Steam keys · Comment 1 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon A while back, there was a bit of a up-roar when Frontier decided to release Elite: Dangerous on Steam. The move came out-of-the-blue and meant store players (including those w... » read more.

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