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Elite: Dangerous » Universe event support · Comment 0 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
During the past few days ive been thinking about expanding the universe section to support events. Basically a way of allowing you to tag a location saying there is something happening here. It could be a disaster, famine, community event or full blown war etc. I have made it so you can tag one location with one of each tag. However whilst doing this event code, I ended... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Ship section updated · Comment 0 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
During the past few days, ive been working on the Elite: Dangerous ship section. In the past these sections didnt offer much information - and some of that was incorrect. I wanted to add two pieces of information - jump-range and shield strength. To this required a lot more work, as jump-range can be effected which module are installed (ie. the jump-drive itself). Now y... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Trade-helper Mk1, 2 and 3 · Comment 2 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
Today I was thinking is there any wares I can pick-up on my return journey? In the previous Mk2, it gave me best nearby deals but only them. So with some minor changes I have created another version to show you the offers between two set locations. I guess in a way I test my own stuff, as I play like you do. To make somewhat less confusing I have renamed the Mk2 to Mk3 ... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » System page updates · Comment 6 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
Tonight ive done another big update to the universe section; this time to systems mostly. Systems now have a tab-bar (like system-objects) for more pages (such as the old style list view, nearby systems, CSV importing etc.). The main goal was to make it easier to navigate. Another of my goals was to make CSV importing a bit easier to find. In the past it was a burie... » read more.

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