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Elite: Dangerous icon Elite: Dangerous » Full EDDN Updates · Comment 0 comments
Awhile back (if you remember) I created a connection between the site and EDDN - massively increasing the amount of updates from a couple a day, to 500+. However to do that I had to leave my own PC on; my pc was acting as a listener to EDDN. I had to do this because you need to install certain software which isnt possible to do with most web-hosting services. However, shortly afterwards postin...
» read more.        

Elite: Dangerous » Update help section · Comment 0 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon Today ive been doing quite a bit of work to the Elite: Dangerous help section, many of the guides were either out-of-date, or was missing a bit of content. A couple of the gui... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » New expansion - Horizons · Comment 5 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon For a long time, the guys over at Frontier have been promising us something big. Well today they have announced a new expansion called Horizons; Horizons adds planet l... » read more.

Gaming » PC » Windows 10 launches today · Comment 4 comments
Gaming » PC icon Well its been a long wait, but today is Windows 10 release date. If you havnt been notified to upgrade (after reserving the upgrade), dont worry - your in a queue (I bet you h... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Trade Helper mk2 improvements · Comment 0 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon Today I was checking out a trade-run from reddit when I noticed that the most profitable trip was being shown in the Trade-helper Mk2 , but not the return trip. I had a look a... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Best trade runs improvements · Comment 3 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon When I first created the Best trade runs I noticed a while later there were some problems with the runs. Old runs were staying at the top of the page, and werent being deleted... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Partial EDDN updates · Comment 0 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon For the past couple of days ive been testing some new code that looks for EDDN data, and adds it to the database. EDDN is a large trading network, where fellow commanders subm... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Sharing ship builds · Comment 0 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon For a long while ive been meaning to add a share option to the ship build area - a way of allowing viewers to bookmark or share builds with other commanders (for example posti... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » 33% off in Weekend deal · Comment 2 comments
Elite: Dangerous icon This weekend, Elite: Dangerous is on a 33% discount. So if you been waiting for a price reduction, now might be the time to get. So far I think is the lowest price ive seen El... » read more.

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