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Elite: Dangerous » Ship transfer and multi-crew switching

It looks like Frontier have a few more things planned. The first being the ship transfer system. This will allow you to move your ships from another station. The service wont be free but I could see it being very useful to commanders with multi-able ships all dotted around the universe; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hs7bYwtnp9s The next thing planned called multi-crew switching. This basica...

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Elite: Dangerous » Frontier tease updates

Its seems that the guys over at Frontier have been rather busy, working on lots of updates for the game. ...
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Main site / web » Rayman Origins for free

Over at Uplay, they are celebrating Ubisoft 30th year anniversary by giving away a free game every month....
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Elite: Dangerous » Engineers now out v2.1/v1.6

Just a quick heads up, v2.1/v1.6 of Elite Dangerous is now out. The servers were pretty much down the who...
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Elite: Dangerous » Weapon compare

For quite awhile I wanted to add some better information regarding weapons, as it wasnt very easy to unde...

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