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Elite: Dangerous » A quick look at Horizons BETA

Yesterday marked the release of Horizons Beta - the new addon to Elite: Dangerous. The addon allows commanders can land on planets, to explore, loot and find new places to trade with. Today I managed to get the BETA installed, and had a quick look. Below is my initial look at Horizons beta. I will post more videos soon on Horizons. I do hope you like the video, as it took me a awhile to make/uploa...

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Elite: Dangerous » New faction pages

For awhile ive had a few people asking me if it would be possible to make the faction section modifiable ...
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Gaming » PC » Steam Exploration sale now on

Just a quick head's up; the first of the autumn sale steams is now on, entitled; Exploration sale. Th...
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Elite: Dangerous » Equipment import from EDDN

Awhile back I added partial support for EDDN to the site - this meant I had to leave my own pc on. With s...
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Elite: Dangerous » Inside the SRV

Yesterday Frontier released footage of the SRV in-game, showing off what it can do. The SRV is modeled af...

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