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Elite: Dangerous » More information on the Engineers

Its been awhile since the last update for Elite: Dangerous, in the last update we got the ability to land on select planets and more ships back in December. Since then Frontier has been busy working on v2.1. v2.1 brings us another big feature - the Engineers (which you may already know about). If not, the engineers allow us to tweak our equipment, by rolling primary and secondary effect with the p...

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X-Rebirth » Home of Light being added

I want to say a big thank-you to Chris for donating a copy of Home of Light DLC. This has allowed me to s...
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Main site / web » Registration changes

Today ive been re-looking at the registration pages, after I got told that Facebook way wasnt working (ju...
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Main site / web » Black colour scheme

Awhile back a person contacted me; asking me if it was possible to switch colour schemes. They said the t...
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X-Rebirth » Updated to v4.0

Ive been asked a couple of times if I could update my XR site. The process is fairly easy to do, as its a...

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