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Space Run » Reviewed

Its been awhile since my last game review, however after picking the title Space Run, I felt it was time to do another. Click the picture for the full review; /gaming/pics/review5/game_448_id_1.jpg...

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Gaming » PC » Recreation of the Enterprise D

Hopefully most of you heard of Star-trek - the long running sci-fi series. Well one person has took it up...
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Elite: Dangerous » 40% off until 28 September

Just a quick head's up, Elite: Dangerous is now 40% off on Steam. If you have thought Elite was too e...
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Main site / web » A new design - v3.0

Over the past few days ive been working on new design, because I wasnt happy with how things were. One th...
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Elite: Dangerous » Full EDDN Updates

Awhile back (if you remember) I created a connection between the site and EDDN - massively increasing the...

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