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Elite: Dangerous » Universe section open, and trade-helper · Comment 0 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
During the past week, I have been building a new section for Elite: Dangerous; called [b]Universe[/b]. The aim of this section was to make a kind-of wiki style section, that people could edit it and update - A encyclopaedia of the Elite & Dangerous universe (which I knew isnt a small thing). The section is capable of dealing with systems, objects (such as planets, stars... » read more.

Elite: Dangerous » Beta 3.9 today, Gamma Saturday · Comment 0 comments Elite: Dangerous icon
Over at Frontier Developments they are preparing to release Beta 3.9 today. Beta 3.9 will be a stepping-stone to the Gamma release on Saturday (22nd). The Gamma release is said to be somewhat near the final release, so hopefully a big step forward; hopefully enough to make players reassured that the final release isnt too soon. It seems strange to release a Gamma just a fe... » read more.

Main site / web » Simple star-field effect · Comment 0 comments Main site / web icon
Very briefly today ive been working on a small piece of code to generate a star-field effect using just HTML5. In the past ive created the effect with Visual Basic 6 (non-DirectX and DirectX), C etc. So its great to be able to make a web-version finally. Let me know what you think and how it runs. Simply click the image below to see: [url=/projects/web2d/star-field/][im... » read more.

X-Rebirth » Checking out v2.5/3.0 · Comment 2 comments X-Rebirth icon
Ive been asked a few times if I would re-look at X-Rebirth because a lot has changed since the last time ive looked. So during the past week ive been looking into the game - see what's changed. Ive also been looking into where the game is heading. Here is the video; [youtube]HhbQ2hfiyxs[/youtube]... » read more.

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