The abandoned site

Tuesday 22nd November, 2016 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 3 comments ·
A few days ago, a fellow commander found a outpost that was abandoned. The site can be found at WREDGUIA JC-K c22-8, 6A, Coordinates: -51.69 -144.00.

News picture 166

The site has a few materials, a data point and 5 com-links. After scanning the com-links, you told about the last moments on-board the outpost. I have no idea if this connected to alien crash sites - it could be nothing to do with it. However its still quite an interesting place to visit. I have created a video on the outpost;

Planetary base support added

Sunday 20th November, 2016 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
During the past week or so, you may of seen that I have been working on the Elite Dangerous site. One of the objectives was to reduce the database size as it grew rather big. I completed the work a few days ago, and for the time being the database is much smaller. This did require me to restart the ED database but allowed me to clear out some cobwebs.

But, that wasnt the only thing I was working on. I wanted to add support for planetary bases (the stations on planets, found in Horizons). This wasnt a simple task of adding a few lines of code. Many sections such as the trade-helper, equipment/ship searches required some big changes to their code to support planetary bases. You will now find a series of checkboxes at the top of the page, which you can toggle the various station types; rather than the single pull-down in the past. You will find these checkboxes on the Trade helper Mk1/2/3/Best and equipment/armour/ship searches.

So now support for planetary bases should be completed. If you notice any problems, please let me know. thanks.

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Alien site

Saturday 19th November, 2016 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
A week ago, another alien site was found by the community. This time it wasnt another crashed alien craft. The site can be found in the system Synueffe XR-H D11-102 on planet 1 B (coordinates: -31.7, -128.9). This site is not near the three previous crashed craft.

News picture 164

After spending some time there, I noticed a couple of things. The first being these ancient pillars that rise from the ground, to reveal a ancient relic. The relic can be removed from the pillar by shooting it. I have no idea what these pillars do, nor the relics.

The next thing I found were ancient obelisks. When you get close to them, they will light up in a blue colour. You can then shoot the obelisk to see some strange writing. You can then scan the obelisk for some data. The scan data seems to be for the engineers? as its listed under you material tab.

And lastly, I found this strange blue patch on the ground. This patch was some-what hidden under some rocks. You can shoot the rocks to make them disappear. Nothing else seem to happen, apart from strange ancient orb following me. However I wasnt sure if this was just a bug?

I would be extremely interested to see what you think about all this. For those who want to see what I found, simply watch the video below.

Sorry for not posting sooner, I have been busy.

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