Free X-Weekend

Friday 13th March, 2015 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
At first you may think my site has been hacked - saying about a free X-Weekend. What it actually means is that Egosoft are offering everyone a chance to check-out all of their X-Games for free (including X-Rebirth).

There is also 66% discount on all the X-Games during this weekend. So its a great chance to check out some titles (if not already done), then decide if you want to buy them.

I know that I dont normally post news of the x-games any-more but I felt this might be interesting for some. For more details click the picture below;

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Checking out v2.5/3.0

Friday 14th November, 2014 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 9 comments ·
Ive been asked a few times if I would re-look at X-Rebirth because a lot has changed since the last time ive looked. So during the past week ive been looking into the game - see what's changed. Ive also been looking into where the game is heading. Here is the video;

Updated to v2.5

Monday 13th October, 2014 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 8 comments ·
A few days ago, I was asked by santi if I could update my XR site with v2.5 content. Whilst it does take an hour or so, its an relatively easy task for me.

The site uses in-game files, but was my first tempt. It also uses a database for in some look-ups (ie. what is zone 2, sector 3). After the XR site, I started on my second tempt to use in-game files (for my X3/TC/AP sites). These sites work directly on the types files (without the need of a database at all - which make them even easier to update). Before I started to use in-game files, I used to run them through a large process; converting them into tables. However this was a long process, which made it hard to update and meant a lot of errors would happen. The reason why started to move away from a database driven site.

Since deciding to leaving the x-community, I dont really want to do a re-code of the XR site (even know I should be able do it better). However I dont mind refreshing the files now and then - as I dont think there are many X-Rebirth sites out-there (although I havnt really been looking). If you use this site for XR, Im sure you probably want up-to-date information. However I dont want people thinking im coming back just because I do an refresh of some files.

I feel it was a shame what happened with me and Egosoft, but I never felt there was a proper community relation manager. So either the developers didnt want to listen, or didnt know. Unlike the previous x-games, XR should of been based on community reactions rather than just the internal staff at EgoHQ. Heck, X3AP v3.0 was a community effort (new plots, split M6 ship etc). Only after a lot of people complained about XR did Egosoft do something/or at-least acknowledge it (like add features/fixes that should of been at release). Egosoft did acknowledge there was poor communications between the L5's but failed to react (during a year). If anything, Egosoft was forced to talk directly to the public as a lot of core-members left (around 90-95%). This again caused more problems, as it felt L5 members were being ignored once again. All this left a bitter and fractured community, and hence my reason on leaving.

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