My X3/AP mods rehosted

Saturday 14th May, 2016 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
Awhile back, you may of noticed that both my X3 and X3AP mods were hosted on OneDrive. This wasnt ideal, and meant users had to register to download content. I did notice awhile ago, one of the mods had been removed - so it couldnt be downloaded at all. Originally the files were hosted with some free space provided by my ISP, which was later removed (OneDrive was supposed to be a temperately backup).

However with Chris help from this is no longer the case. Both the X3 and X3AP mods are now hosted on another server and shouldnt effect the main site. We now 2 extra servers supporting the site; which ive code-named blue and black. These servers are good should anything happen to the main site (which hopefully wont happen). Black handles Elite: Dangerous EDDN updates, whilst blue offers support. thanks.

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Home of Light being added

Tuesday 29th March, 2016 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 2 comments ·
I want to say a big thank-you to Chris for donating a copy of Home of Light DLC. This has allowed me to start creating a Home of Light section on my X-Rebirth site. This wasnt previously possible. So far I have a map section, station, faction and ware lists (which I think are correct). I will be looking into HoL over the next week or so, to see has changed and what is new.

You may also noticed a few issues with the site recently, these are mostly due to some reorganization in the database. If you notice anything, please let me know.

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Updated to v4.0

Monday 7th March, 2016 · Posted by Roguey · Comment 0 comments ·
Ive been asked a couple of times if I could update my XR site. The process is fairly easy to do, as its a matter of changing files. So today ive done another update to the XR site; so now its using v4.0 files. This has been done for both the main game and the Teladi outpost DLC. I can not include maps, stats, etc. for the Home of Light DLC, as I do not own it. I think it would be possible to add.

Anyway guys, hope that helps.

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