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X3TC » Way of the Gun Chapter 3

Posted by Kirlack on Wednesday 13th March, 2013 | Comment 1 comments

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Zippidy Doo Da


Mornin'. Urk, my head feels like a dog shat in it. That's the last time I drink that much frakkin' whiskey. Had to try'n' blot out the image o' them Khaak though, ya know? After staggerin' out o' the bar at silly o'clock this mornin' I slept in the Hermes. Saves shellin' out fer a room. Made sure I'd proper booby trapped the airlock though. Cos a girl can never be too careful.

Actually, snaggin' the Hermes yesterday was a huge bonus, fer all kinds o' reasons. Firstly it gives me a bit o' storage space for any excess gear I might pick up, and that's somethin' I desperately needed. Secondly, bein' a personnel transport it can serve as a mobile home. There's quarters and facilities aboard which mean I can live outta the TP, which also means if my relationship with the Argon goes south I can just up sticks and move on. Finally, it'll be instrumental in gettin' me some trained psychopaths for boardin' operations. In fact, that should prob'ly be one o' my goals fer today.

So, once again nursin' cup after cup o' hot sweet coffee to beat off my ragin' hangover, I ... Read more

X3TC » Way of the Gun Chapter 1

Posted by Kirlack on Saturday 2nd March, 2013 | Comment 2 comments


Chapter 1: Moolah

Ah yes, money, the so called root of all evil. Horse shit if you ask me, but people rarely do. Unless they want someone made dead o' course and then I'm all too willin' to oblige 'em. So long as they're payin'.

Mayhap there's some truth to that root of all evil thing after all? Meh.

So, first things first, let's take a look at my nice shiny ship.


Okay, so she ain't so shiny, but she is pretty nice. She's fully tuned for speed which is a bonus, but she handles like a log and right now the cargo bay could only be described as...poxy. First job then is to get the rudder and hold maxed out. That means findin' work, and that means tappin' up the locals, see if they need my particular brand o' skills.

Aladna's a total bust though, nothin' here that suits a professional killer-for-hire, so I spin the Mamba about and burn for the east gate into Akeela's Beacon. Partway across the sector and I get a call from some dude at the flail missile fab wantin' someone to


defend his ... Read more

X3TC » Way of the Gun Chapter 2

Posted by Kirlack on Saturday 2nd March, 2013 | Comment 3 comments

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Violence is going to ensue

Room for the night? Check. Somethin' decent to drink? Yeah, alright I'll let 'em have that. Gettin' laid? No frakkin' chance. These OTAS boys can party, but they ain't got the stamina for any post liquor activities. Shame.

So, I started the day with a hot shower, a light breakfast and copious amounts o' coffee to nurse my hangover before gettin' back in the cockpit. My goals fer the day are makin' some more money, hopefully gettin' the pirates, or at least their bounty hunter dogs, off my back and a spot o' general piracy to net me some tools o' the trade.

I'm barely even out o' the dockin' clamps when I get a call from one o' the locals wantin' me to defend his crystal fab. Seems my reputation is spreadin'. Well, it's good for business, if not for my bangin' head. So I took the job and proceeded to wipe out the small crew o' pirates that came a callin'. The payout wasn't much, but it was only the first job o' the day, so I didn't mind. After I'd cleared the scene and picked up the couple missiles left behind I nosed around the sector fer a bit and ... Read more

X3TC » Way of the Gun - DiD (TC 3.2)

Posted by Kirlack on Thursday 28th February, 2013 | Comment 6 comments

I've already posted this over on the egosoft boards, but I thought I'd post it up here as well. Since this is my first blog here I'm hoping there'll be a few people wanting to read it Smile

Way of the Gun

Prelude: Tequila

Ain't nothin' like it ya know? Drinking after a hit I mean. I get paid to erase some dudes and then get to drink till dawn's sweet light spills through the curtains. At least, that's usually how it goes. Today?

Not so much.

I got a call from one o' my contacts in Aladna Hill, a weasely little frakbag named Neol 'Ferret' Jerrigan. He reckons he's got the stones to play with the big boys, but every time I speak with him I swear he's a hair's breadth from pissing himself. So anyway, Ferret sets me up with this job, a clean hit on two Paranid and a Boron, all staying at one of the hotels on the local trading station. Given that I lost a big hand, and all my free credits, betting my flush against Yohandris' full house....well, I was in need. So I took the hit.


The job itself was simple, hack the suite, locate the marks, slice and dice. Job done, I meet up with Neol and he pays me my stash.

Then we got started on the tequila.

There was drinkin', there was dancin', there were ... Read more

DIABLO 3 » Diablo 3 v1.07 fewer legendary items

Posted by Roguey on Monday 18th February, 2013 | Comment 3 comments

When v1.07 came out I was excited to about many of the new additions to the game; like public games with monster power (a bit over-due tbh), new crafting recipes and improvements to monk/wizard classes. So during the past few days I have been getting back into Diablo 3.

The new crafting recipes act like resource sinks, eating up a lot of spare resources that ive been collecting since Diablo 3 came out (good idea). However these recipes also eat your up money. This isn’t usually too big of problem as I do normally make quite good money from it.. well, before v1.07 came out.

I have farmed Act1/3 countless times on MP1 upto 6 during a few days now. I find very few legendary items now since v1.07 came out. It can be anything from 4 or 5 runs before I see a single legendary item now. Before v1.07 I used to see one or two legendary items every 2 or 3 runs (sometimes I was lucky and got 2 in a single run). Now; at one stage I went over 28 million experience before I saw a single legendary item (with 400% MF) - farming act 3 (over and over, just killing elites and avoiding white monsters as much as possible).

I have always ran at the maximum magical find (with my helper with magical find items too). In the picture below, I am running at 475% mf (MP4) yet found rubbish items during the whole of act 1. Not that I expect ... Read more

DIABLO 3 » Another look at Diablo 3

Posted by Roguey on Sunday 17th February, 2013 | Comment 0 comments

During the past few days ive been looking at my blog section, when I noticed about my Diablo 3 blogs. In some of last blogs I noticed that I was getting a bit frustrated by the game (ie. Calling it boring and that). However these blogs were written a while back and since then a lot has changed in Diablo 3. So much so, that’s not the same any-more, nor are these blogs are kind-of correct now.

When Diablo 3 came out, it was very hard work to get anywhere in the game. You needed the very best items to really adventure into the hardest areas but catch 22; without the best items it was near impossible to find anything. In a few patches back the difficulty was nerf and made it more accessible for more players.

The next big change to Diablo 3 (which was rather shocking) was the introduction of the Paragon levels. Blizzard basically whacked on 100 extra levels on-top of the level 60 cap. These paragon levels add extra magical find to your character allowing you to find better items without losing any damage. You can potentially get your entire magical find from the paragon levels only. I never thought a company would ever whack on 100 extra levels (on a 60 cap) – especially in a free update. These paragon levels greatly extend the game life and add something to work towards.

Blog picture

Another thing added ... Read more

Ok... Ok... I've been away. (Bozo's Blog #6)

Posted by bozo64r on Friday 28th December, 2012 | Comment 1 comments

Well not really, I have been a very active member on Rogueys site, but recently I ain't done nothing! But once again i'm back! :P
I got a job, and now spend more time fixing PCs than playing with them 'yay'. However i still have time for X3, I started a fresh game of X3TC, this time not doing the story line, I become an Mercenary, you can make so much money!
Starting off is hard, but once you rise though the ranks, you can make 10-20 million in a couple of missions.
So I started off in the old M5, sold my Mercury (started as Humble Merchant) and set off doing missions that got you a few thousand credits, but then luck hit me like a pot of good flying towards you at light speed, a pirate had been fighting the Argon One in Argon Prime... so my doing suicide runs goes to attack this M3 (I'm an M5...) I hit him, me being the lucky sod I am ended up with 2% hull... the pirate got hit a few times and then with me crashing into him he had enough, I hear that he yields! YAY! I get an M3.
And so it carried on I slowly repaired the ship with my Repair laser and eventually got her fully upgraded, I increased through the ranks, and got myself a Skiron, there not the best but a good M6, then went onto the Daimos! OH MY what a wonderful ship, I had one when i first played X3TC and forgot how good it was. the ... Read more

X3AP » Advanced Capture Guide part 2 Fundamentals

Posted by JoelNussbaum on Friday 10th August, 2012 | Comment 0 comments

Its been a while since I last blogged a capture guide

The first thing about these ships is that they dont give up ever. This means you have to take them by force. In order to do this several conditions need to be satisfied. First, you need at least one equipped ship that can board, second you need to work on the weapons, finally you need the marines.

Part 1 Essential equipment:
Your ship is the core of your capture efforts. The ship you are using should have several essential systems. First it should be well shielded or maneuverable enough to dodge enemy fire. You will take damage so they need to have shielding. It should have lethal and less lethal weapons on board. I also suggest you buy several "sacrificial systems" that have a chance blown up instead of your primary reload the game type systems. The list of those primary systems follows:

Cargo life support system - Every ship you take should have one of these on it. It gives your marines a place to live on board your ships. It gets destroyed bye bye marines.

Bioscanner - The ship you are in NEEDS this. This system allows you to see if there is any enemy marines on the ship you are trying to capture.

Freight scanner - The ship you are in needs this. This will allow you to see if the enemy ship has any nasty surprises ... Read more

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